Sir Cliff Richard feels 'best' after sex abuse allegations

SIR Cliff Richard is feeling his "best" after historic sex abuse allegations against him were dropped.

The 75-year-old singer/songwriter, who was embroiled in a 22-month investigation over claims he had groped a 15-year-old boy at a Sheffield religious rally in 1985, has admitted he is "OK" now the inquiry has been abandoned because of insufficient evidence.

Speaking to his fans at his holiday home in the Algarve, Portugal, is his first public appearance since the death of his sister Donna Goulden earlier this month and the sex abuse claims, he said: "I'm back to my best.

"I'm OK, everything will be OK."

And the 'Devil Woman' hitmaker thanked his loyal fans for their support throughout his hard times over the past two years.

Speaking to the thousands of fans who flocked to Cliff's vineyard in the sunny resort, he said: "I want to thank all my fans for being so amazing, they have been incredible.

"They said you are looking very hot today, well you are very hot."

Despite the allegations against him being dismissed, the singer has admitted he still feels "tarnished" by sex abuse claims and he believes the Crown Prosecution Service's (CPS) terminology of "insufficient evidence to prosecute" makes it sound like he did commit a crime.

Speaking previously, he said: "To get the news a couple of days ago telling me that it was good news from the CPS was just fantastic. It's very difficult for me to explain to people what it's been feeling like, what it felt like for me, to be an innocent, but having these vile accusations thrown at me.

"The CPS, I mean, it's just what they do ... there are certain terminologies that they have to use, and in this case they never say there is no evidence, they just say insufficient evidence, nothing on which we can prosecute. And so in a way I still feel tarnished because insufficient suggests that maybe there's something there and I know there wasn't."

And the music legend - whose Berkshire home was raided by police in August 2014 whilst the BBC filmed - plans to sue the broadcaster over the raid, as well as South Yorkshire Police, who allegedly tipped off the organisation.

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