SUNKEN: Robyn May at the sinkhole in her yard.
SUNKEN: Robyn May at the sinkhole in her yard. Vicki Wood

Small sinkhole opens up in Bribie backyard

WHEN Robyn May mowed her lawn last Friday, she had no idea the little voice inside her head may have saved her from serious harm.

"There's been an indentation in the backyard which we never took notice of," Robyn said.

"It seemed to be deeper than previously. I went 'I'm not going to push the mower though that - I don't like the look of it.'"

She's lucky she decided against it. Storms that pelted Bribie with rain the following day saw the soft ground open up into a sinkhole - and it's still growing.

Robyn said when she looked out the window on Saturday night, she got the shock of her life.

"I thought 'Oh my God, I was walking there yesterday'," she said.

"How close was I?"

"I would have disappeared into it. Looking down I couldn't see the bottom, and it's getting bigger."

Robyn was home alone at the time, so she decided to tell her neighbours in case trouble befell her.

"I thought the best thing to do was show my neighbours and (my neighbour Barry) went, 'Oh no', and took me to his place. We stood there and looked at the indentation in his backyard. It lines up with mine."

Robyn contacted Councillor Gary Parsons, who arranged for an on-call council officer to visit the property on Saturday night to investigate the matter.

Moreton Bay Regional Council (MBRC) has now fenced off Robyn's sinkhole.

An MBRC spokesperson confirmed earlier this year council had investigated a similar subsidence incident in the yard of a Bestman Ave property that had been caused by the movement and separation of a join in a stormwater pipe.

Any property owners in Bestman Ave who have also experienced subsidence in their yards in the vicinity of the underground stormwater pipe should contact the council to arrange an inspection and repairs.

The join in the pipe was repaired and resealed by the council.

Investigations are continuing.

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