SUPER FOOD: Dairy owner Lauren Brisbane milks one of the camels at her dairy.
SUPER FOOD: Dairy owner Lauren Brisbane milks one of the camels at her dairy. Warren Lynam

Coast camel milk 'closest thing to breast milk'

WHO would have thought that milk from a bulgy-eyed camel could become a highly valued food?

But, as Lauren Brisbane from QCamel and Markus Bucher from Maleny Cheese have taught me, there is a lot more to a camel that meets the eye.

The milk that is being siphoned from their udders on a remote, rural property near Caloundra is sought after across the world, even with a $25-a-litre price tag.

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The operation QCamel is still fairly basic. It has a small milking shed and when we arrived at 7.30am, the camels were lined up and waiting.

The milk was white and frothy. I put my nose to take a whiff first as I am not very adventurous when it comes to new foods. It smelt a bit like sweat. Not like cow's milk at all.

The first taste also revealed it has a salty flavour. It's not unpleasant. Kind of nondescript.

Mr Bucher said it was the closest in taste to human breast milk.

Maleny Cheeses is using the milk in one of its offerings.

But if this milk really is the super food it being hailed, its taste will be irrelevant.

Mrs Brisbane is cautious in dwelling on the largely untested health benefits, particularly for mental disorders like autism.

"Ultimately, the proof will be in the pudding," she said.

"Or, in this case, the glass of milk."


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