She quit Instagram, now web celeb Essena is starting over

A still of Essena O'Neill in the first video published on her new Let's Be Game Changers website.
A still of Essena O'Neill in the first video published on her new Let's Be Game Changers website.

ALREADY famous on Instagram, Sunshine Coast teenager Essena O'Neill, 18, made international headlines by showing the world behind the beautiful and choreographed images watched by 500,000 people.


Now she is taking on the world with her new project, "Let's Be Game Changers" (minor language warning).

Essena is now vowing to publish multiple videos each week.

In her new home online, Essena is now urging disciples to "go social media free for one week".

"Use your phone for texting friends ONLY," she writes.

"No Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube or Facebook or Twitter or anything else where you view other people online.

"Post a caption or photo saying it's a personal experiment THEN DELETE ALL THE APPS OFF YOUR PHONE.

"I want you to actually do this and see what happens. My whole life changed when I did.

"I finally woke up. I saw more, I listened more, I had more time, I found myself becoming more and more creative, less stressed, happier and with this new sense of power... but most of all I just FELT MORE.

"I want you to feel this too. It's so beautiful. It's real."


In her first post on the new site, dotted with personal videos, Essena tells of why she had to escape the addiction of feeding social media.

"I can't tell you how free I feel without social media," she writes.

"It suffocated me.

"Not because I had 500,000 followers, I felt the same as a young girl, I would just spend hours looking at everyone else's perfect lives and I strived to make mine look as good."

She tells her new readers, "you are a game changer, you might not know your power yet, I am just finding mine, but man.. when you do... far out you'll go crazy.

"It'll be brilliant. You'll be brilliant."

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