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Scottish firm seeks missing heir

A SCOTTISH legal firm is looking for a former North Bundaberg man who may be the sole heir to his aunt.

Investigator Robert Drummond said the firm, based in Aberdeen, is seking information about William James McDonald, who was last heard of about six years ago in North Bundaberg.

Mr Drummond said Mr McDonald's aunt, Sheila McDonald, a healthcare clerical assistant, died in Aberdeen in 2012, leaving no will.

"Little was known about her wider family, but in her effects was found a paper bearing the name, William McDonald, Wallace Drive, Bundaberg, Queensland, and this gentleman is believed to be the deceased's nephew," he said.

Mr Drummond said inquiries found Sheila McDonald had a younger brother named William Alexander Mcdonald, who is believed to have emigrated to Australia in the early 1960s.

"Nothing is known of him, but it seems likely that his son, William James McDonald, lived at 26 or 36 (numbers seem to have altered) Wallace Drive or Street, North Bundaberg, along with a Christine Margaret McDonald," he said.

Mr Drummond said the couple appear to have moved out around 2007, and further searching for William had proved fruitless so far.

"William James McDonald is believed to be the sole heir to Sheila's estate, and the acting solicitors are therefore anxious to be in contact with him," he said.

The execution of the estate is being handled by Brian Samson, of Peterkins Solicitors, 100 Union St, Aberdeen.

Mr Drummond said Mr Samson was accessible by e-mail at

"Anyone who may still be in contact with William James McDonald is requested to ask William to contact Brian directly," he said.

Otherwise any information from the public which would help find Mr McDonald would be greatly appreciated.

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