Schoolies: Look mum, my burnt bum is on the news

A SCHOOLIE who wanted to get on the news has had his wish granted after a mate lit his buttocks on fire with a lighter and aerosol can.

The Gold Coast Bulletin reports the 17-year-old from Cairns had been drinking with friends when one of them began singeing people's hair.

The drunken prank moved to 'Steve's' bottom but he he failed to mention that he had spilt alcohol there which ignited a 'blaze'.

After screaming, he and his mates went to a nearby medical tent where he was told to go to the hospital.

He sat in a fountain until an ambulance arrived.

"I told myself that I kind of had a little bit of a bucket list when I came here and one of them was to get on the news so that sort of happened," he said.

Meanwhile, police say they are generally happy with the behaviour of the vast majority of school leavers on day six of schoolies on the Gold Coast.

Overnight there were three male schoolies charged with four offences relating mainly to street offences with 32 schoolies given liquor infringement notices for drinking in a public place.

Ten people were arrested on 16 charges which were not schoolies related and were mainly for public nuisance and drug offences.

There were also six non schoolies who were given liquor infringement notices.

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