WHO knew Schapelle Corby and Kate Langbroek had beef?

Broadcaster Langbroek dished on the unlikely feud between the pair on she and Dave Hughes' KIIS radio show yesterday, jokingly lamenting that she hasn't been invited to Corby's homecoming ahead of her expected return to Australian shores this weekend.

It comes 12 years after Corby was convicted of marijuana importation and sentenced to serve time in Bali's notorious Kerobokan Prison.

The bad blood originates from a meeting Langbroek had with Corby when she and a girlfriend named Georgie visited Kerobokan during a Bali holiday.

Corby described the encounter in damning detail in her 2006 autobiography My Story.


In the book, Corby said she was approached by a prison guard who asked her to meet with two Australian women, despite the fact she didn't take unsolicited visitors. She said she assumed he'd been "slipped some cash" to make the meeting happen.

Langbroek's co-host Hughes read the passage on air to set the scene.

"I was feeling a bit blue, but they were right there and I didn't want to be rude. I said hi, instantly recognising the larger woman and asking, 'Do I know you from somewhere? You look familiar," Corby wrote.

"The 'LARGER' - passive aggressive," Langbroek interjected as her co-host continued to read from the book.
Corby is set to finally return to Australia this weekend.

"She said 'I'm from the Gold Coast.' She said her brother was a politician and he'd asked her to visit me to find out how he could help. My bulls**t radar went off. It was absurd; why would a politician send his sister? I couldn't get away fast enough. I made an excuse and fled," she wrote.

Kate's brother is Queensland Liberal politician John-Paul Langbroek.

"I soon found out it was Kate Langbroek from The Panel.

She milked our brief chat for her own publicity; she went on Rove talking about how she'd met Schapelle Corby.

She even had the insensitivity to make a big deal about my pimples. Why couldn't she have simply been honest with me and said, 'Hi, I'm from The Panel, I've just come to see how you are'?"

"Did she think I wouldn't find out about her exploits, or did she just not care how I felt?"

It's a damning account - and one that Langbroek disputes entirely. 


Kate Langbroek and Dave Hughes
Kate Langbroek and Dave Hughes Stephen Harman

With her friend Georgie on the line to back up her version of events, she said they'd not paid anyone to see Corby and had in fact met with her in the prison's head of security's lounge.

"And she had the vibe that she ran that joint, didn't she? She was coming back with a big pile of mail," said Langbroek.

Georgie described Corby's retelling as "An absolute crock. From the first sentence, it is not what happened. Which makes you think that everything else ... Hmm."

Langbroek said Corby had "loved" her interaction with the pair, chatting, joking and even asking them for a hug.

"It was lovely, it was really sweet," she said. She'd said she'd given Corby some confectionary and tampons as a gift.

"Remember she said to us: 'People always send me tampons, maybe they're hoping I'll bleed to death' … she was funny!"

Schapelle Corby
Schapelle Corby Tony Wilson

Langbroek also disputed that she'd hidden her real identity, then used her encounter with Corby for publicity.

"I said, my brother's from the Gold Coast, because she was from the Gold Coast. I didn't hide [her TV career], but it didn't come up. At the time I was on maternity leave with my baby."

"When I was on the Rove show, which was unrelated, he raised it - I didn't go on the Rove show to talk about her. And I only mentioned her pimples to point out that she was looking quite stressed," she said.

She got me back by referring to me as the 'larger woman.' Bang, Schapelle!"

Don't expect the two to bury the hatchet once Corby's finally back home: Hughes and Langbroek finished the segment by laughing uproariously as they played audio of a distraught Mercedes Corby addressing the media immediately after Schapelle's verdict was announced.

"Why haven't I been invited to the party?" Langbroek chuckled.

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