Easter eggs are delicious but deadly for pets, so keep them far away from animals.
Easter eggs are delicious but deadly for pets, so keep them far away from animals.

Keep those Easter treats far away from Fido

AS THE Easter bunny prepares to make his sweet deliveries, Bundaberg pet owners are being urged to be just as prepared by finding a pet-safe place to store their Easter treats.

The Animal Health Alliance has warned pet owners not to let their animals eat even the smallest amounts of chocolate this Easter.

"We are a nation of pet lovers, with nearly six million dogs and cats in the country's eight million households, so it's often tempting to want to treat them as you would other members of the family," alliance CEO Peter Holdsworth said.

"Although chocolate is one of our favourite treats at Easter time, it contains a substance that is toxic to pets.

"Chocolate poisoning is common in dogs because they rapidly consume food, but may also affect cats and other pets."

Dr Holdsworth said sweet treats should be kept well out of the way of our furry friends.

"Don't leave sweets or chocolate lying around as they can cause stomach problems and even the smallest amount can become toxic once ingested," he said.

"And don't let pets indulge on other inappropriate food as treats."

And it seems food isn't the only danger to man's best friend on the long weekend.

Mr Holdsworth said holiday accommodation accepting pets was on the rise prompting more people to take their pets along for the ride.

But he said people travelling to flood-affected areas should check their pets daily for ticks.

Dr Holdsworth said people should also remember that just like humans, pets could get motion sick.

"As pet owners, we have a responsibility to look after our much-loved companions," he said.

"Over Easter, this means taking the necessary precautions to make sure our pets enjoy the long weekend as much as we do."

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