BACK HOME: Sasha Berry enjoys a day at the beach with family in Yamba.
BACK HOME: Sasha Berry enjoys a day at the beach with family in Yamba. Contributed

Sasha's journey continues as she returns home

AFTER nearly six months in hospital and 14 surgeries, eight-year-old Sasha Berry is back home with her family in Yamba and ready to begin her enormous journey towards rehabilitation.

Sasha's parents Tim and Angela Berry said Sasha will require intensive rehabilitation to re-learn things that once came naturally, such as being able to walk and talk.

"We have chosen to bring Sasha home for Yamba style rehab,” Angela said.

"We believe that rehab in her home environment surrounded by her family and friends is what is best for her and she is already proving that.

"Sasha has physiotherapy every day and also uses a standing frame to support her in a upright position. She has hydro therapy at the Yamba Community Pool most days and occupational and speech therapy once a week.

"Every day we see small things that she couldn't do last week and eventually these small things add up to bigger things.”

Tim and Angela said water was a huge part of Sasha's life before the discovery and treatment of her tumour, and with the support of the Clarence Valley community, the family has been able to purchase equipment to help her get back in the water.

"Whether it was the pool or the ocean it didn't matter as long as Sasha was underneath the water she was happy,” Angela said.

"Thanks to you we have been able to purchase a pink buggy which Sasha rides in around the house and all over Yamba.

"We walk to the pool and back each day as the pool is a very familiar place to Sasha and forms an import- ant part of her therapy.

"In addition to this your funds have helped us purchase a beach wheelchair to help our little mermaid get back in the ocean.

"So far we have tested it out at Turners, Spooky's and Whiting beaches which have been lovely.”

Angela said their entire family has been grateful for all the support they've received.

"Sasha is young, strong and has shown already how very brave and determined she can be,” she said.

"The doctors and nurses caring for Sasha for the past six months are amazed by the fight she has put up to get where she is today.”

Tim said Angela has also shown amazing determi-nation in her efforts to give Sasha the best opportunity to recover from her tumor and resulting surgeries.

"Many people ask us what they can do to support us. My answer is to stop and say hello to Sasha or give us a wave when you see us out and about,” Angela said.

"Thank you again from the bottoms of our hearts for making it possible.”

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