BAD IDEA: RSPCA warns people against buying pets as Christmas presents. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail
BAD IDEA: RSPCA warns people against buying pets as Christmas presents. Photo: Max Fleet / NewsMail Max Fleet

RSPCA’s $29 Clear The Shelters adoption sale is on this weekend

The RSPCA is attempting to clear its shelters this weekend with $29 adoption fees for all creatures great and small in a what will be it's biggest adoption drive ever.

The $29 Clear The Shelters adoption sale starts on Friday and runs until Sunday with 528 animals currently waiting for adoption in NSW - some have been in care for 285 days.

More animals are expected to be desexed and ready for adoption by the weekend and those that usually cost less than $29 will have adoption fees waived.

It's expected to be a huge weekend, says RSPCA NSW spokeswoman Stefania Kubowicz, and will mark the organisation's biggest adoption drive yet, with the campaign extending to all states except WA.

record-breaking 753 animals or 90 per cent of all animals were rehomed in NSW during the first campaign last year, leaving some shelters empty for the first time.

"It was really special for the staff, a lot of the staff were quite emotional seeing all these dogs, some had been in care for 300 plus days, so that was really beautiful to see," Ms Kubowicz said.

"We also did some pretty in-depth follow-ups around the six month period just to make sure there weren't any negative outcomes to lowering the adoption price and we found it was exactly on par with normal adoptions," she said.

Brendon Neilly, RSPCA NSW's executive manager of animal care services, said the lower adoption cost provided an extra incentive for people to adopt instead of shopping for pets through online platforms or backyard breeders.

Normal adoption procedures still apply including desexing and microchipping, vaccinations, vet checks and behavioural procedures, as well as a one-on-one with prospective new adoptive parents, to ensure all our animals go to great homes.

"Our normal adoption prices rarely cover what it costs to prepare an animal for adoption, so $29 fees definitely don't come close," he said.

"However it's all about getting animals out of shelters and into forever homes, and in that way it's a huge success and a really worthwhile investment."


A menagerie of animals are looking for their forever homes, with puppies, kittens, adult cats and dogs, pocket pets such as rabbits and guinea pigs, even livestock such as goats, a shetland pony called Marigold, pigs and ducks all available for adoption on the weekend. There's also plenty of senior pets who just want to spend their golden years in comfort.

You can view all animals available for adoption near you at


Don't panic if you miss you this weekend - RSPCA always has lots of animals constantly coming into our care. Plus, any animals who don't find a forever home this weekend will be waiting for your call.

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