Rose McGowan involved in smoke bomb attack

ROSE McGowan fell victim to a smoke bomb attack in New York City on Saturday night. 

The 'Charmed' actress, 41, was left stunned when a man climbed out of a pavement grate and threw the fireworks into the outside dining area of the Bar Pitti in Greenwich Village, before fleeing the scene.   

Taking to Twitter, the beautiful star told her fans about the scary situation by tweeting: "Someone just threw two red smoke bombs into the restaurant I was eating in. Eyes are burning. #NYCWHAT (sic)."  

The suspect, who was wearing a baseball cap and an American flag t-shirt, has not yet been arrested.   

Police were called to the scene following the incident, which filled the air with thick red smoke, but the firework had already been removed by a waiter.   

Nobody was injured in the attack, but diners and people passing by at the time were said to be "shaken."  

An eye-witness told the MailOnline: "I saw something get thrown right into the front door and red smoke started pouring out. The waiters looked really shocked.  

"It was actually pretty scary because one of them picked it up and dropped it into the street where the smoke finished pouring out.  

"People started panicking, but as it dispersed, some started taking pictures. The employees seemed really confused about what was happening.  

"There was definitely general disbelief and there were a few outside tables at the restaurant next door where customers were yelping."

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