THE victim of a savage robbery at Centro Toormina has spoken about the traumatic ordeal.

Threatened with a screwdriver and dragged from her car the woman, 40, was punched, kicked and robbed by a man who may be known to police, but remains on the run.

The random robbery happened in the shopping centre carpark last Sunday about 3.30pm.

Still traumatised by the attack, the woman has spoken of her terrifying ordeal, hoping police catch the offender.

"I went to get in the driver's seat and next minute somebody was behind me with a screwdriver saying give me your keys and your money.

"He just started punching me, dragged me out of the car, I ended up on the ground and he was punching me and kicking me.

"I just kept screaming and screaming for help and nobody came, it was terrifying I didn't think I was going to see my son or my husband again.

In an attack lasting minutes, the woman screamed for help, but no one intervened.

After knocking the woman to the ground, the offender snatched her purse and again assaulted the woman as she gave chase.  

A bystander called 000 and the woman was taken to Coffs Harbour Hospital by paramedics, where she received stitches to her lip and was treated to lacerations to her eye, face, hands and legs.

"I'm too scared to go back to the shops now I can't go on my own anywhere I feel like a prisoner in my own house.

The woman's partner is shocked and angry.

"When I got to the hospital ... and she was sitting basically with her head between her legs completely saturated in blood and congealed blood all over her face with her lip split open and her eye split open, crying, It was horrific.

"I just wanted to turn around find this man and you can imagine what I would have liked to have done to him.

Police say they have a suspect for the crime, but have been unable to located him.

The man involved in the attack was described by witnesses as being aged between 25 and 35 years of age, with a muscular build, a crew cut and a long pony tail.

 At the time of the incident he wore a red hooded jumper.

The police have asked any member of the public who has any information to contact Crime Stoppers 1800 333 000 or Coffs Harbour detectives on 6652 0299.  180033

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