Rita Ora reveals all in this exclusive interview

RITA Ora is more than just a one trick pony, having spread her talents across the worlds of fashion, music and acting, but in an exclusive interview with The Independent, the popstar has revealed she likes designing just as much as she likes singing.

Last week the "I Will Never Let You Down" singer was unveiled as Coca-Cola's new icon at the opening of a pop-up bar in Soho, London, to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the drink's iconic contour bottle. There, wearing a bespoke red dress by Sorapol, complete with Sophia Webster heels decorated with Coca-Cola bottles, Ora revealed she wouldn't be able to choose just one vocation if she had to. 

"I like designing as much as I like singing… I think instead of one or the other, why can't I evolve as an all-round artist. You don't have to choose if you can do both. It's just about making sure you do it well," she told The Independent.

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"I like to give myself out a lot because I like to work. I really do."

The Kosovo-born singer believes that the combination of fashion and music "is powerful as it's ever been" and "it's just a matter of time before it all measures into one".

"You see pop stars and musicians facing campaigns nowadays. Myself included. We all have to work together," she added.

Ora, who revealed she has "about 24 tattoos", is the face of Roberto Cavalli's autumn/winter 2014 campaign, in which she channelled her favourite icon, Marilyn Monroe, with signature platinum blonde curls. She then launched a collaboration with Adidas, fronted by her too.  She also made a cameo in the highly-anticipated Fifty Shades of Grey film and has been confirmed for the sequel. 

Ora has developed a signature style during her time in the spotlight -including crucially on the red carpet; earlier this year she performed at the Oscars for which she wore a custom-made monochrome dress by Vera Wang.

Rita Ora at the MTV VMAs
Rita Ora at the MTV VMAs

Her trademark blonde waves and red lips have proved her fashion prowess, and now thanks to her collection for the sportswear giant Adidas last year, she has added fashion designer to her ever expanding skill set. And while some believe it can be dangerous to get into so many different areas, she explains that's how the world works today.

"I think's we're in a new generation … We have to catch up with the Internet, and if we don't do it, someone else will," she explained.

"I like supporting things that I love. If I get something approached to me [like Coca-Cola], I'll be like 'yeah, I love Coca-Cola and I've been drinking it since God knows when'… everything I put my name on is for a reason."

Supporting this argument, the 24-year-old artist gets in the spell of social media, just after models Karlie Kloss and Gigi Hadid revealed the amount of pressure that comes from the followers count.

"It's just automatically bit more competitive. Now you can see what the other person is doing and you'll know you're like 'we have to act now'. Before you really wouldn't know what the other artists were doing until the other week or so.


"Things get boring quickly so you just have to keep reinventing yourself. You got to keep the train moving, you know."

With fellow pop-star Rihanna becoming the first black star to front a Dior campaign and the fashion world increasingly embracing diversity in terms of skin-colour and size, Ora thinks "it's great that fashion is taking its own seat at the steering wheel… It's such an amazing world and it's only getting bigger". 

Ora's style, which she describes as "unexpected, spontaneous and raunchy", varies quite often. We'd often see her swap her bold red lips for a nude shade, and her long platinum locks for a pixie cut. But she's told The Independent that the look she likes the most is "when I'm in my own pyjamas... Just kidding, but, yeah, when I'm kind of comfortable at home is the look no one choose".

Although she's a big fan of Tom Ford at the moment, the London-raised musician is supportive of home-grown designers, especially those that "keep it young", such as Ashley Williams and Henry Holland.

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