PAIRS CHAMPS: Brunswick Head Ladies Bowls Club Pairs Champions Sherril Pearce (L), Jenny Andrew (R) won on a fast green caused by icy winds followed by hot sunshine.
PAIRS CHAMPS: Brunswick Head Ladies Bowls Club Pairs Champions Sherril Pearce (L), Jenny Andrew (R) won on a fast green caused by icy winds followed by hot sunshine.

RESULTS: Bowled over in windy conditions

AT BRUNSWICK Heads on Tuesday, and icy morning followed by blazing sunshine resulted in very fast greens for the their Open Pairs Final.

Club spokeswoman Emma Scattergood said these conditions “resulted in incredibly fast greens.”

“A very enjoyable challenge,” she said.

Meanwhile, other clubs have reported having to rug up against chilly breezes in order to play the game they love.

This put them off? Of course not.



Club championship pairs August 4

B Lane, E Reid 17 d A O’Brien 16;

N Holmes, L Mc Ilwain 20 d J Albany, K Albany 19;

V Maxwell, F Crowder 19 d W Threadgate, B DeRe 9;

P Condon, E Bosworth 23 d A Jackson, J Pike 10;

P Johns, S Baldwin 23 d A MacDonald, E Fox 11;

August 8

V Maxwell, F Crowder 22 d N Holmes, L McIlwain 13;

J Rhodes, L Morton 22 d S Skenner, S Grady 10;

P Condon, E Bosworth 15 d P Johns, S Baldwin 12;

J Rhodes, L Morton 17 d B Lane, E Reid 14;

P Condon, E Bosworth 18 d V Maxwell, F Crowder 14;

Final; J Rhodes, L Morton 18 d P Condon, E Bosworth 8.


August 25, 2020.

Results – Open Pairs Final

J Andrew, S Pearce def M Crichton, J Lofts

Congratulations Jenny and Sherril.

Results – Social Bowls

R Kinnear, M Darby, J Williams (13) narrowly def

T Graham, J Quigley, L Proudlock (12)

M McDonald, J Seamer, K Dexter (19) somehow def

L Glee, E Scattergood, S Allen (13).

Today’s Winners: Jenny and Sherril

Lucky Losers: Tracey, Julie, Lyn

Raffle: Lee

Notices: AGM to be held 1/9/20 – 8.30am with the GM to commence immediately afterwards.

August 18 2020.

The early morning heavier greens quickly dried out leading to several bowls in the gutter today. It’s hard to believe we are still in winter!

Results – Open Pairs Round Two

M Crichton, J Lofts def S Allen, I Pettendy.

J Andrew, S Pearce def R Kinnear, K Dexter.

Results – Social Bowls

M Darby (swing), J Quigley, M Flesser (13) def

M Darby (swing), J Seamer, L Proudlock (12)

L Glee, M Frederick (19) def

B Mules, G Johnston (13)

M McDonald, J Simpson, J Williams (16) def

K Maxwell, M Essery, E Scattergood (15)

Today’s Winners: Jenny and Sherril

Lucky Losers: Karen, May, Emma

Raffle: Sherril

Notices: AGM to be held 1/9/20 – 8.30am with the GM to commence immediately afterwards.


Wednesday August 19

Social Bowls

Winners calculated on highest winning margin

Winners – Mary Mead & K. Jonsson def P. Lyon & A. McLean

by a winning margin of 7

Runners Up – G. Connolly, N. Moran & D. Skinner def K. Marks, J. Matthews & I. Watson By a winning margin of 6

We all had an enjoyable morning of bowls even though the wind was a challenge

Friday 21st August

Social Bowls

Winners calculated on highest winning score – J. Newell, S. Birrell, D. Skinner & A. James def J. Mason, P. Brown, P. Lyon & N. Hawkes, With a winning score of 20.

Good Bowling. Names in by 9.00am play at 9.30am.


It seemed like last Sunda’s weather continued through with the Westerly hitting 48 kmh and gusting to 61 kmh at midday. Nearly straight down the middle was the call in most cases with the narrow Areo’s and the windward side was like the old Dunlop’s sort of green. Didn’t matter as all are in the same boat so you have to take it but we had to check on Little Joe and make sure he didn’t get blown away. Poor old uncle Fester was thrown in the deep end as Bowls Organiser for the first time and with the office phone out of order and some of the boys trying to ring in to get a game or cancel because the wife wouldn’t let them out of bed made for some interesting language, but he did the job so Lizard would have been proud of him.

WINDY WEATHER: The Cherry St Sandflies kept an eye on several members who might has been blown away during breezy conditions at the game.
WINDY WEATHER: The Cherry St Sandflies kept an eye on several members who might has been blown away during breezy conditions at the game.

Winners on the day Paul Buckingham, Tarts and Johnny Fullerstuff getting up against the pretty hot team of Sharky, They Call me Bruce and Kenny Arthur 18 to 14.

Runners up were John Dennis, Peter Connick and Col Siviour having a nice little touch up by new member Gary Devlin, Knackers and Johnny Harley 21 to 7.

Gary will be one of the champions at Cherry Street after some coaching and a great bloke to go with it.

Next week is a home game and Uncle Festers ‘Little Brown Jug’ 3 Bowl Pairs coming up on the 6th of September and all names drawn out of the hat with that one so you cant get any fairer then that.

Many thanks to the staff at Ballina’s Premier and only Bowling Club for their excellent and friendly service and that ‘nothing is to hard’ attitude which you find every day at that club.


Thursday Men’s Bowls: 20-8-20

T.Gibson, W.Griffin 27 d J.Nilon, L.Softley 11

G.Sharp, J.Beard 21 d M.Gooley, Rocco 12

M.Weaver, D.Watson 20 d P.Mazzini, N. Harding

Saturday Social Bowls: 22-8-20

A.Gaggin, P.Campbell, J.Beard 26 d G.Revis, B.Stevens, P.Russell 10

G.Hale, G.Finnigan, Rocco 24 d P.Maloney, G.Painter, A.Pearce 13

T.Gibson, P.Korol, S.Gregory 23 d L.Softly, M.Rodgers, S.Fields 16

R.Prior, G.Sharp, G.T.Scotcher 22 d J.Cook, S.Crowther, W.Griffin 18

T.Prior, J.Bancroft, W.Morrissey 19 d B.Harmon, G.Pollard, T.Cheli 16

R.Parkes, R.Adams 18 d A.Maslen, R.Nind 17

Testing conditions on the day for our AGM game day but fun day had by all

Please find championship games for next weekend 29 & 30 August 2020

Welcome to our new committee (President) P.Russell (Secretary) T.Gibson (Treasurer) B.Stevens & Non executive J.Carral, G.Finningan, A.Maslen, S.Gregory, G.Painter.

Club Champiosnhips

Saturday August 29, 1pm

A Grade Pairs Final

Rocco, J Wyborn Vs P Maloney, J Beard

B Grade Singles

P Russell Vs T Prior, Marker S Gregory

Sunday August 30

B Grade Singles

B Stevens Vs M Prior, Marker T Gibson

If you are unavailable, please contact Gary Finnigan 0427216745 or Ted Gibson 0432938451.


Wednesday August 19

P Anderson T Burgess K Hayes def N Piggott W Farrell G Miller + 8, L Condon P Crewe D McQuilty def S Barton R Clark N Bodycote + 5, J Howard N Parker D Zelcer def B Ryan K Walters J King + 4, J Arnold B Studders P Doyle def J Arnold D Condon G King + 2. Saturday August 22 – N Parker T Burgess B Hyde def B Ryan J Arnold J King + 16, W Farrell K Hayes D Farrell def W Farrell R Felton N Bodycote + 7, B Crawford D Condon P Doyle def M Windsor T Holder G Noonan + 3. Triples championship G King D Walsh S Hall def S Barton G Miller D Petherbridge 28 to 15, P Anderson D Zelcer R Goebel def M Rogers L Condon R Rogers 25 to 12.

“Tradies Day” triples September 12th, A.G.M. September 26th.


Tuesday 18 Men’s Club Major Singles Championship Semi-Final:

R. Reid d S. Prasad; Saturday 22 Singles Semi-Final; G. Bowen d P. Sharp: Final to be played Saturday 29 with a 1.00pm start.

Social: I. Carruth, S. Prasad d J. Dreyer, J. Nasser; C. Roberts, A. Ross d A. Viney, R. Reid; W. Franke, R. Roberts, S. Pollitt d L. Opperman, K. Viney, W. Thatcher; J. Fogarty, K. Watts d J. Stewart, G. Ironfield.

Wednesday 19 Ladies Major Singles Club Championship Final:

J. Stewart d J. Burgess; Social: L. Opperman, G. Martin d C. Howell, J. Church; H. Lockton, M. Hanaway, B. Sullivan d A. Dunger/ J. Brook, N. Moore, W. Franke; W. Ross, D. Strong, S. Pollitt d J. Dreyer, C. Pyke-Nott, A. Hewitt.



Results Mens Triples Tuesday August 18

There were (34) Players Winners were D Brymer P Morrisey T Clarke J Durheim 34 d W Trenter K Coss R Cornell C McHattan 12 2nd K Moore T Fields 21 d F Poole K Bertoli 10 3rd J Buckingham G Painter T Batchelor 23 d J Rank B Broardbent O Dardengo 20, P Raleigh M Collins P Korol 23 d P Mazzini J McKinley W Sten 13, J Ryan N Miller J Donadel 22 d B Riordan R Taylor S Casagrande 18, P L Cheli O De Martin 34 d P Dewar C Petersen 6,

Results Mens Pairs Friday 21 August There were (34) Players Winners T Batchelor J Donadel 25 d T Clarke C McHattan 9, 2nd M Collins P Morrisey 26 d S Casagrande P Corcoran 11,3rd L Allen G Cahill 28 d W Trenter L Selwood 15, D Corcoran K Coss 18 d M Ivan S Goulding 17, B Riordan P Korol 23 d R Cornall A Hughes 16, A Lavis J Durheim 22 d Rocco O Dardengo 16, J Buckingham J Rixon O De Martin 26 d P Raleigh T Fields J Milles 17, K Gillespie R Petersen 19 d R Taylor M Holden 14.

Results Saturday Pairs August 22:

There were (34) Players Winners were D Brymer P Morrisey T Clarke j Durheim 27 d P Raleigh M Ivan O De Martin O Dardengo 14,2nd C McHattan J Donadel 26 d K Coss T Batchelor 13,3rd J Buckingham P Lobbin S Casagrande 22 d W Trenter C Petersen R Petersen 14, R Taylor M Catling K Drysdale B Foster 23 d N Miller L Selwood M Storey M Holden 17, J Mills B Beddoes A Drooger B Drooger 21 d L Devine M Collins a Lavis P Corcoran.

Box Draw 28th August D Brymer L Burgett 29th August T Batchelor K Coss 1ST Sept A Elliott G Cahill

Raffle Roster Friday 28th August R Marriott E Fowler C Petersen M Arnison.

Raffle Roster Sunday 30th August A Fields T Fields C Batchelor T Batchelor.


Tuesday, August 18

The first round of the club singles was played with L Allen (daily prize winner) d C Danelon. Social: E Viero, C Batchelor, B Ryan d C Johnson, G Everingham, K Granatelli; F Stratford, A Fields, D Quail d J Ianna, R Hodge, J Clarke; R Campbell, N Elliott, D Corcoran d B Marriott, W McHattan, J Cornell.

Thursday, August 20

Social: P Raleigh, L Turnbull (daily prize winners) d L Cupitt,

A O’Connor; S West, B Ryan d B Marriott, B Durheim.

Results of the second round of the club singles: L Allen d E Fowler; N Elliott d J Clarke; D Quail d D James; J Cornell d R Campbell.

Box duty: Tuesday, 25th August: K Granatelli, C Batchelor. Thursday, 27th August: R Hodge, B Durheim.

The semi final of the club singles will be played on Tuesday, 25th August, with the final on Thursday, 27th August.


Congratulations to G.Coughlin who won the North Sydeny cup for the first time.

Wednesday Winners R.Watt, B. McKendry. Runners Up N.Wilson, M.Holden.

Club Pairs results. J . Scholten, T.Houghton defeated D . Knight, M.Thorley. G.Coughlin, J.Weismantel defeated S . Stefanaras, D. Mott.

The final is on Saturday 29th between J.Scholten, T.Houghton and G.Coughlin, J.Weismantel.

Saturday Winners

J . Scholten, T.Houghton. Runners Up R.Watt, T.Canini. This Wednesday is Super Wednesday so get your names in early for this popular event. Club Triples close 30th August with first round on or before the 6th of September. We need men in the room for September both Wednesday and Saturday so please share the workload around.

*All results supplied and published in good faith.

Send us your bowls club news, results and photos to by 4pm Mondays for publication on Tuesday.

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