Owen St in Ballina has a speed limit of 50Km/h.
Owen St in Ballina has a speed limit of 50Km/h.

Residents’ plea to end speeding on suburban Ballina road

Residents at a busy street in the Ballina Shire have requested a solution to slow down traffic.

Council responded to their request by advising them to nominate the street for placement of a mobile speed camera on the Safer Roads website.

Ballina Shire Council's traffic committee discussed ongoing issues of speeding at Owen St in Ballina earlier this month.

Council also suggested NSW Police contact residents to advise they will monitor the area and attempt to identify the vehicles involved.

Owen St in Ballina has a speed limit of 50km/h.

In documents submitted to the committee, a recent email from an unnamed Owen St detailed the issues surrounding the road.

"I have spoken to several residents regarding the excessive speed along this road and I believe several have written to council stating their concerns," the resident said.

"You will be aware a street in a metropolitan area in a straight line should not be longer than 220 metres (...) Owen Street is over 400 metres long.

"Our previous request was put to your traffic committee and unfortunately, it was recommended that this is a police matter. Our response was that it was unreasonable to expect the police to patrol Owen Street every day."

The issue was raised by residents with Ballina Shire Council in 2013, 2015 and 2017, where speeds were measured at the road.

Data collected in November 2013 indicated 85 per cent of cars were at speeds of 58.3 km/h and a maximum of 114.2 km/h.

In the data collection period there were six occurrences of 90-100 km/h, three at 100-110 km/h and two at 110 -120km/h.

The email from the unnamed resident asked the committee to review the two rubber speed assessment devices installed in Owen Street that measured speed of over 100 kilometres an hour.

The matter was then deemed a matter for police.

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