Kerry Byrne with son Jack Byrne.
Kerry Byrne with son Jack Byrne. Kevin Farmer

Remarkable 'super mum' opens home to 230 children

A REMARKABLE Toowoomba woman has opened her heart and home to hundreds of foster children.

Kerry Byrne still remembers the faces of more than 230 children she has had in her care over the past 10 years.

Fostering children has enriched Mrs Byrne's and her husband Paul Byrne's life in more ways than can be described.

Although she has raised four children of her own and become a mum to countless others, she does not like to separate her biological and foster children.

To her, they are all her children.

"Sometimes I'll make a comment about a child I once had in my care and my children are shocked that I can remember," she said.

"But there is a small piece of every child in my heart. Just knowing I helped them in a small way is really special.

"I couldn't imagine my life without each and every one of them in it."

Kerry Byrne with two of her foster children.
Kerry Byrne with two of her foster children. Kevin Farmer

Mrs Byrne decided to become a foster carer because she wanted to make a difference in the lives of children, something she hopes to do for another decade.

"When I first started out I thought if I could make a difference in one person's life then I will be happy," she said.

"It is so rewarding and being able to enrich the lives of children is amazing. Of course it has its challenges but all parents go through similar frustrations at times."

Mrs Byrne still has a boy in her care who came to her in her first two weeks, as well as two young boys she has been a mum to for nine years and three months.

She currently has five foster children in her care and although what she does is remarkable she said she did not feel any more special than other mums.

"I am just a mum who loves looking after children. I don't feel special or like a super mum," she said.

Mrs Byrne laughs off the idea of her being a "super mum" but to her 14-year-old son Jack Byrne she is just that.

"She is an inspiration because she looks after so many kids and not many mums do that," she said.

"I love her because she looks after me, she cooks me dinner, takes care of me when I am sick and her and dad take me to race motocross."

The family is heading to the Sunshine Coast this weekend for a much-needed break so Jack decided to give her his Mother's Day present early.

"I renovated an old chair, it's my mum's favourite but it was pretty weak," he said.

"I fixed it up, sanded it and painted it white and then bright yellow."

When asked what made his mum the world's best, his answer was simple.

"It's because she is my mum."

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