THREAT: Jason Robinson, 42, had wanted his medical records when he caused a public nuisance at a Bundy medical clinic.
THREAT: Jason Robinson, 42, had wanted his medical records when he caused a public nuisance at a Bundy medical clinic. TongRo Images Inc

PTSD sufferer on probation after outburst at clinic

"I'M CALLING the f***ing AMA. I'm going to have your f***ing job for breakfast."

That's what a patient said to a staffer at a Bundaberg medical centre who refused his demand to hand over medical records.

The woman felt intimidated enough by his behaviour to call police.

Former Australian military serviceman Jason Robinson, 42, agreed his actions were not appropriate and pleaded guilty in Bundaberg Magistrates Court to causing public nuisance on June 20.

Robinson explained his frustrations to Magistrate Belinda Merrin, saying he had been to about 10 doctors to try to get medical documentation to put before the court to show he was unable to medically comply with a previous court order to complete a community service 100-hour work order.

He said he spent 20 years in the military and was not simply trying to get out of doing the work order.

Prosecutor Senior Constable Andrew Blunt said a police officers found Robinson a short distance away from the medical centre.

Snr Const Blunt said Robinson was previously dealt with by the court for a public nuisance offence.

Ms Merrin told Robinson the court would take into account his diagnosed post-traumatic stress disorder and health issues.

"I don't have any substance abuse. It just happened," Robinson said about the incident.

"It (PTSD) is what it is.

"I get a special forces pension."

Ms Merrin said that when Robinson was told by the staffer that she was unable to comply with his demand he caused a significant disturbance.

"You swore at people just doing their job (and) made threats," she said.

"Your behaviour was so bad that police were called.

"You were on an order for the same thing at the time, which makes it more serious.

"There are mental health issues, the result from your service in the military and diagnosis for post-traumatic stress disorder.

"Mr Robinson, I do need to take that into consideration and you did previously have substance abuse issues," she said.

She sentenced him to 12 months probation, on the condition that he undertook anger management and counselling programs.

She also ordered that he submit to urine testing.

Ms Merrin also found that Robinson was unable to comply with the previous community service work order because of his personal circumstances.

She resentenced him to probation on all charges.

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