Right to left: Katter's Australia Party Leader Bob Katter, Condamine MP Ray Hopper and Mt Isa MP Robert Katter.
Right to left: Katter's Australia Party Leader Bob Katter, Condamine MP Ray Hopper and Mt Isa MP Robert Katter. Rae Wilson

Proposal to mandate ethanol flows from all bowsers in QLD

A PARLIAMENTARY committee will consider whether to mandate ethanol flows from all petrol bowsers in Queensland under a move touted as beneficial to environment and industry.

Katter's Australia Party state leader Ray Hopper introduced the bill, which if passed would mean ethanol made up 5-10% of petrol, in Queensland Parliament on Thursday.

The Condamine MP said he was introducing the LNP's own bill which the Bligh Government rejected three times.

"We've seen the BP refinery yesterday speaking of sacking 350 people and we have an ethanol plant in Dalby, which could be closing down in the very near future," he said.

"If the government mandates ethanol in Queensland, which will not cost them one cent, and we can save a massive amount of industry.

"(The mandate means) every litre of petrol sold in this state will have to be 5% ethanol increasing to 10% over the next three years.

"That means our plants can survive, farmers can survive, our feedlotters, and it will be cheaper fuel and healthier fuel for the people of Queensland."

Mr Hopper said the Dalby plant had shut down for a few weeks after the price of sorghum soared from about $250 a tonne to $340 a tonne.

He said while that price was good for farmers that put further costs on the Dalby plant, which used 100% sorghum to produce ethanol.

Water and energy minister Mark McArdle would not give a direct answer during Question Time when Mr Hopper asked if he would agree to an ethanol mandate.

He said he had met with a man about ethanol on Tuesday and would consider his proposal.

The bill was sent to the State Development, Infrastructure and Industry Committee for consideration.

Katter's Australia Party Leader Bob Katter said Queensland was well behind the rest of the world, noting other countries recognised health problems from emissions and cheaper fuel costs.

He said the Queensland bill would be in conjunction with one in the Federal Parliament seeking an ethanol mandate.

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