Gilston Rd, Wondunna.Photo: Alistair Brightman
Gilston Rd, Wondunna.Photo: Alistair Brightman

Precious memories stolen: Family’s heartache after burglary

THE THOUGHT of never being able to look at family photos again is the biggest struggle for a Wondunna couple following a brazen robbery at their home last week.

The property in Gilston Rd was targeted in broad daylight by three people on Boxing Day, police say.

Scott, who asked only to be referred to be his first name, said he and his wife had gone out for the afternoon, leaving the home empty.

He first realised something was wrong after noticing several missed calls on his mobile phone.

"Neighbours had tried calling to let us know what was going on. By the time we returned the police were already there," Scott said.

Jewellery, a laptop, wireless headphones, a camera, hair straightener and perfume were among the items taken during the robbery.

Scott said his glasses case with two memory sticks inside was also stolen.

"Luckily my glasses were not in the case, but on those USB sticks were all our family photos. Pictures from birthdays, holidays, weddings and sporting events, all gone. Memories we will probably never get to see again," he said.

While the jewellery was worth money, Scott told the Chronicle the sentimental value of each piece was the greatest loss.

"My wife and I are shattered. Most of the items were gifts I bought for her," he said.

The couple is now looking to beef-up security at their home.

"There is not much more we can do. All the doors and gates were locked. We are thinking of putting up CCTV and getting a dog," he said.

Keys to the couple's house are car are also missing.

Scott's wife no longer feels safe at home and prefers not to enter the property on her own.

"We've had to go down to the police watch house, I've changed the locks on the doors and my trailer," Scott said.

"Because of the time of year, we still need to get new vehicle keys so I take the battery out of my wife's car and remove a wheel from my ute every night so they can't get stolen."

Scott said the laptop, camera, hair straightener and perfume were found in a drain down the road the following day.


A suspect flees after a daylight burglary in Wondunna.
A suspect flees after a daylight burglary in Wondunna.

"The rain caused some water damage to the electronics, so they no longer work. We just hope we will be able to access some of the photos and information on the devices," he said.

Thursday's incident was the second time the couple has been a victim of crime in recent months.

Queensland police confirmed the latest break-in, saying two men and a woman allegedly parked a white SUV in the street.

The two men allegedly entered the property via a side fence and forced their way through a sliding door, while the woman remained behind in the getaway vehicle.

The suspects then allegedly ransacked the home and stole several items.

Officers say one of the men returned to the waiting vehicle and sped off.

The second man allegedly tried to take a car from the home but was unable to start it and had to flee the scene on foot.

"We just want people to value their communities," Scott said.

He said their neighbours had been a great help and assisted in calling the police and contacting them on the day of the burglary.

"A photo taken by a neighbour of one of the people fleeing the scene will hopefully help identify the suspects and lead to their arrest," he said.

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