Post-holiday blues are rife as people head back to work

THE fruit cake is finished and so are your holidays and you have returned to work with a holiday hangover.

But don't worry, you aren't alone.

With more than two-thirds of employees experiencing post-holiday blues, Australian business owners are at risk of financial losses from slumps in worker's motivation and productivity throughout January. 

The key to counteracting post-holiday blues is in creating an office environment that has a measurable impact on employee engagement and morale believes Psychologist Fred Cicchini from leading corporate health management organisation, Injury Treatment.

"The end of the holiday season, when workers return to the office, can be the toughest time of the year for employees and this is often evidenced in a significant drop in productivity levels - something that can have a lasting impact on a business," Mr Cicchin said.

Offices that give employees flexibility to work in a number of environments, such as an open plan space which includes traditional desks, 'café' settings and sofas, helps ease the transition back to work and Australian businesses are embracing these office more than ever before says FDC Construction & Fitouts Managing Director, Ben Cottle.

"There has been a huge rise in company's requesting these futuristic open plan spaces. Australian businesses are seeing the value that comes from providing employee s with multiple connectivity points and allowing them to have the ability to work from anywhere at any time in an environment that appeals to them," Mr Cottle said.

How to ease back into work after a holiday:

  • Before you go on leave write an email auto-response requesting people contact you after your return date.
  • If you're returning on a Monday, set your auto-response to say you won't be responding to emails until Wednesday.
  • Consider returning mid-week, easing in with a shorter working week and leaving the office at 5pm each day.
  • Prioritise your work, and tackle only the most important tasks in the first few days.
  • Maintain some of the enjoyable activities of your holiday. Stop for a coffee, take a proper lunch break, continue a healthy routine established on holiday.

Do you have a holiday hangover?

This poll ended on 16 January 2014.

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Ahh, is that why I was feeling off?


I didn't get time off - I am looking forward to my next holiday


No such thing as a holiday hangover


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