Pool manager Scott Hunt says cleaner pool water can’t be found.
Pool manager Scott Hunt says cleaner pool water can’t be found. Trevor Veale

State award dives into ozone

OZONE is not only useful in the atmosphere, it’s at the cutting edge of water treatment and is now at Woolgoolga Pool.

Ozone water treatment has been integrated into the $150,000 upgrade of the council-owned local attraction.

“We are the only pool in NSW to have adopted this state-of-the-art water treatment,” said pool manager Scott Hunt.

“Bacteria get zapped with ozone, which has 100 times the kill rate of bacteria of chlorine. What normally happens is the chlorine finds the bacteria and gets around to eating and killing the bacteria. This just zaps it.”

That familiar and cloying chlorine odour is not really chlorine but the odours created in the breakdown of bacteria by chlorine.

The only by-product of ozone treatment is oxygen.

Chlorine will continue to be used in pool water but in reduced quantities.

Also reduced is the water loss from pipe leakage, which was running away at a rate of 9000 litres a day.

Fixed by high pressure pumping of liquid to line the original pipes under the pool, water is now flowing cleaner through also-upgraded pool filters.

Change rooms were gutted and revamped and all walls were rendered and painted, giving the pool a clean, bright appearance.

Newly-installed glass walls reduce the chill factor of prevailing southerlies for wet swimmers and the loss of water temperature it caused.

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