SEIZED: A knuckle duster seized by police during a different operation.
SEIZED: A knuckle duster seized by police during a different operation. Stuart Cumming

No officer, these aren't for fighting... they're for food

A THEODORE man has pleaded guilty to possession of Category M weapons after failing to convince police that knuckle dusters he kept in his lounge room were there only so he could use them to tenderise meat.

Police from anti-bikie squad Taskforce Maxima executed a search warrant at the home of Lou William Daniel at 12pm on November 25 last year.

They found a knuckle duster on a shelf next to the front door, alongside a shortened wooden bat and motorcycle gang colours. A second knuckle duster was later found in the drawer of a coffee table.

Daniel told police he had bought the items online and used them to tenderise meat while cooking.

When questioned as to why he kept one next to the front door, he told them he often stored kitchen utensils in his lounge room as it was right next to the kitchen.

He failed to provide an answer when police asked him why they didn't find any other kitchen utensils in the lounge room.

Appearing before Biloela Magistrates Court on Wednesday, Daniel's lawyer asked magistrate Cameron Press not to activate a suspended sentence imposed on his client in late 2015 for the unlawful killing of an animal.

"It certainly wasn't a matter of animal cruelty," the lawyer said of the charge, for which Daniel was sentenced to six months in prison, suspended for three years.

"Despite his possession of this contraband, he has no demonstrated history of violence."

Mr Press noted the sentence had been imposed by the Rockhampton District Court and as such he was unable to activate it, instead committing Daniel to appear at the Rockhampton court on a later date.

"I do find it strange, sir, that you haven't been more prudent and more careful while subject to a suspended sentence," Mr Press told the defendant.

"If you were to come back before the court breaching the Weapons Act again... you might find that you are serving a term of imprisonment."

He fined Daniel $1000 for possession of the dusters and ordered the property be forfeited to the crown. A conviction was recorded.

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