Publican speaks out over viral bouncer fight video

WEDNESDAY, 11.30PM: Coffs Hotel publican Marty Phillips has spoken out on the footage of an altercation between a security guard and patron that went viral on social media saying he was shocked by the vision, and put forward the Hotel's understanding of the series of events that took place.

"The patron was barred from the hotel two weeks previous for about 12 months due to some incidents. On the night of the 17th he entered the hotel and was removed twice by security and remained around the area for 45 minutes," Mr Phillips said.

"Head of security went to speak to the patron and the altercations started after the security guard had been threatened.

"The footage circulating social media is a portion of what occurred that night."

Mr Phillips said licence laws are often misunderstood and there is a need for youth and the general public to receive more education to avoid situations like these in the future.

Coffs Hotel management last night announced that a new security team will be subcontracted at the premises beginning from Wednesday.

Coffs Clarence Crime Manager Detective Inspector Darren Jameson revealed on Monday that no reports have been filed with the police so far in relation to the incident.


MONDAY, 10PM: COFFS Hotel management have indicated a new security team will be subcontracted to keep patrons safe at the licensed premises, following the scandal that saw video go viral of a bouncer fighting a patron. 

Hotel management, the licensee and current security staff assisted the Coffs Clarence-based Licensing Police in reviewing the incident that happened outside the Grafton St premises on March 17 and 18.

"The police have viewed all the CCTV and incident logs that were relevant to the incident in question," Coffs Hotel Management said in a statement.

"We respect the licence laws that we trade under and strive to enforce.

"These laws are often misunderstood and we agree more education is required to the public, especially the new youth going out and this will be a focus moving forward.

"On Wednesday we will welcome a new security team to subcontract security services in our venue.

"The new team will be here to keep our venue and its patrons safe.

"We have been leasees of this long standing business since 1996 and have always endeavoured to host a safe and happy hotel environment. 

"We are are huge supporters of the local community and enjoy welcoming patrons new and old every day.

"We thank everyone for their concern in this situation." 

MONDAY, 1.30PM: COFFS/CLARENCE police are currently investigating CCTV footage and incident logs from the Coffs Hotel following the widespread circulation of footage on social media showing a bouncer throwing punches at a patron.

Coffs Clarence Crime Manager Detective Inspector Darren Jameson confirmed the incident occurred outside the licensed premises in Grafton St on St Patrick's Day, Friday, March 17 however police haven't received any complaints so far.

"There has been no report to us either from the licensed premises involved or other persons who may have been involved," Det. Jameson said.

"Coffs/Clarence Local Area Command are now conducting an investigation and we are seeking further information in respect to that.

"We're keeping an open mind. Of course we've got one version out there that's been put on social media, but we just don't know what the other versions are at this stage."

Det. Jameson also confirmed the footage on social media was only a component of the incident that took place.

"We will be looking at the incident with fresh eyes, we'll independently review the facts like we always do, and see if there is evidence to suggest somebody has committed an offence.

"If someone is alleging they have been a victim of a serious assault, they should come to the police and allow police to investigate the matter and determine where the truth lies."

Det. Jameson has provided a warning to social media users, saying serious allegations should not be aired online whether the allegations are true or false.

MONDAY, 9.30AM: FOOTAGE of a scuffle between a bouncer and a patron outside the Coffs Hotel has been shared extensively on social media.

The bouncer and patron are seen to exchange blows in the footage after the young man is asked to leave the hotel.

The Coffs Hotel has spoken out on the incident saying the venue does not condone the security guard's behaviour.

"The Coffs Hotel does not condone violence of any nature within or surrounding the venue," the hotel has said in a statement.

"We are aware videos of captured violence involving sub-contracted security guards have been circulating social media, and we have acted swiftly on this, with our management team communicating with our contracted Security Company."

Coffs/Clarence Police will address the incident this afternoon.

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