Pantera Blacksmith in action.
Pantera Blacksmith in action.

Pole dancing boosts girls' confidence

FORGET enrolling in that drama or public speaking class.

It seems a girl’s way to self-confidence is mastering the pole.

“I’m extremely passionate about teaching and the emotional and psychological positives that these classes do for self images of girls of all ages,” says Pantera Blacksmith.

Pantera, who was named after the car not the band, goes by the trademarked title of World’s Most Famous Pole Dancer.

And she is deadly serious about the benefits of that other fitness phenomenon where participants spent a lot of their time inverted.

“There is still this perception that it is slutty and seedy,” Pantera said.

“I’ve just come from Europe where I visited 20 cities where their culture is not so free spirited, so there could be no heels or glamour in any way,” the heavily tattooed Texan native said.

No such problem “down under” apparently.

“Aussies are a lot more free spirited, I always have a lot of fun here and this is my second visit,” says the lady whose home resembles a jungle gym.

Pantera, who has won world titles for “best trick” and “strongest performer”, is hosting a work shop at the Pole Gym on Sugar Road tonight from 6pm to 9pm.

The Sunshine Coast stopover is one of 20 across the country and New Zealand over the next 46 days for the former erotic dancer.

More information at 5443 5044.


  • 5000 personal clients across the world in 2010
  • Youngest client is five, oldest is 65 ... and male.
  • Classes are not set to music, but songs are played.
  • Master basic first class skill the “rope climb” – climbing the pole.
  • Personal famous trick “Death lay” – lying on her back on the ceiling while gripping the pole with her legs.

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