Pink ball star of night test

WELL, I couldn't have got things more wrong with my comments on the pink ball cricket test in Adelaide.

Last week in this space I expressed my concerns about how the match would go, how well the new-coloured ball would work, and for the safety of the players.

Wrong on all counts from what I saw at the weekend.

It was a screaming success and Cricket Australia deserves the pats on the back it has been receiving.

The match was action-packed, especially in comparison with the bore-fest in Perth that preceded it, and the ball was the star of the game.

Not only did it stand out well and stand up to the punishment, it was far easier to follow on television that the traditional red ball, or even the white ball of limited overs matches.

As a result, any fears for player safety were groundless.

A few allowances were made for the new ball, including a grassier than normal pitch and a lush outfield, which hasn't pleased some of the games purist fans, but it all added up to a stunning television spectacle, proven by viewing figures that peaked at more than three million across the nation.

That certainly won't be the last day-night test match we will see - in fact it could soon become the norm in Australia.

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