ONCE again the new Australian Rugby League Commission chairman Peter Beattie has made us question his knowledge of the sport, after an embarrassing slip up during a live interview.

Beattie, who is also the Commonwealth Games chair, was speaking with Channel Nine's Today Show after receiving heavy criticism over the closing ceremony when host Karl Stefanovic spotted a young boy in the background of the shot.

Stefanovic asked Beattie to call the boy, who was wearing a red and blue jersey, over so he could be on television.

"You're obviously a Knights supporter," Beattie noted as the boy walked over.

Except the boy wasn't wearing a Newcastle Knights jersey, it was the Barcelona soccer team kit.

Stefanovic wasted no time in pointing out his error, erupting with laughter before saying: "No, it looks like the Knights, but I think that's a soccer team, Barcelona."

"Peter Beattie is on top of sports, let me tell you," he said.

Adding: "The Newcastle Knights are doing very well in the European league this year."

Beattie had a similar slip up last month, after he was unable to name the Cronulla Sharks during an interview with Channel Nine.

In a gaffe reminiscent of his predecessor John Grant, the former Queensland premier and self-described lifelong rugby league fan could not identify the team which plays out of the Sutherland Shire when quizzed by commentator Phil Gould.

Gould was recalling a 2014 gaffe in which Grant referenced the "Cronulla Hawks" and "Manly Seagulls" during a Kangaroos team naming.

"Before you're officially welcomed, you've got to answer one question," Gould asked Beattie.

"The team that plays out of the Sutherland Shire - is it the Cronulla Hawks, the Cronulla Seagulls or the Cronulla Sharks?"

Beattie proceeded to stumble over his answer and seemed unable to name the 2016 premiers.

"I'll be honest, I wouldn't have a bloody clue, but I'll know next week," Beattie said.

"It's got to be Cronulla of some kind.

"It's too bloody hard Gus, that's too difficult."

Following the backlash to last nights Commonwealth Games closing ceremony, Beattie admitted that they "got it wrong" when deciding not to televise the athletes entering the stadium.

He also made a tweet acknowledging that the speeches went for too long, stating that he "should not have spoken".

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