Teen accused of causing party burns denied responsibility

Burns victims Matthew Richards and Paris Turkington.
Burns victims Matthew Richards and Paris Turkington.

POLICE allege the 15-year-old boy charged with causing severe burns to teenagers Paris Turkington and Matthew Richards told officers he was not the person who threw accelerant on a backyard fire.

Documents before Toowoomba Magistrates Court detailed the police investigation into two grievous bodily harm charges levelled at the teen after last August's incident.

Paris, now 17, and Matthew, 15, continue their slow and painful recoveries from burns received at the Harristown party.

Court documents state that throughout the evening a number of people were spraying or tipping what was believed to be methylated spirits onto the fire to keep it burning.

"...the fiery explosion occurred when a person poured a large quantity of this flammable liquid onto the fire," police said.

"The explosion caused a jet flame effect whereby the fire escaped the surrounds of the fire pit and engulfed the two complainant children, Richards and Turkington, who were sitting together nearby."

Two teenagers were injured when a boy allegedly poured an accelerant onto a bonfire.
Two teenagers were injured when a boy allegedly poured an accelerant onto a bonfire. Nine News

The police description of the incident included information from witnesses who did not agree with the defendant's version of events.

"The juvenile defendant told police at the time of the explosion he was sitting near the fire talking with a friend ... when the flames burst up and something shot out and hit him in the stomach and that was how he burned his hands."

Queensland Ambulance Service paramedics took the teen to hospital for treatment of superficial burns to his hands and forearms.

Prosecutor Greg McIntyre yesterday requested the case be adjourned for two months.

Mr McIntyre said forensic material from the John Tonge Centre was yet to be returned.

The matters were adjourned until May 22.

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