"In pain" Kim Kardashian can't wait to have her baby

Kim Kardashian
Kim Kardashian Bang! Showbiz

KIM Kardashian can't wait for her pregnancy to be over because she is so uncomfortable.

A source close to the 32-year-old 'Keeping Up With The Kardashians' star told HollywoodLife.com: "Kim can't wait to give birth. She's had a miserable pregnancy."

She is expecting her first child with her boyfriend of more than one year Kanye West, 35, in early July.

The brunette beauty, who showed off her swollen feet on Instagram on Saturday (04.05.13), thought she would enjoy being pregnant because her older sister Kourtney had such an easy time when she was expecting her children Mason, three, and Penelope, nine months.

The insider said: "Kourtney had such an easy time that Kim thought being pregnant would be fun. (She) literally can't wait to pop that little thing out."

Kim previously admitted that she expected to have an "amazing" pregnancy, but has been in a lot of pain over the past few months.

She said: "I've had a lot of pain, everywhere. I'm in pain, physically.

"I get really paranoid [and] I start Googling things, the things that come up are really scary. It just freaks me out all the time.

"I was waiting for this amazing experience where I can just do whatever I want, eat what ever I want, feel great, and it hasn't been that way."

But while Kim can't wait to welcome her baby into the world, sources say she still hopes to have more children in the future.

The insider said: "Kim definitely does want more kids but not for a while." 

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