Pacman a reality TV show

IT'S the reality show we've all been wakka-wakka-waiting for.

Pacman, everyone's favourite pillpopper, will be chomping his way from the arcades to the small screen after Merv Griffin Enteratinment bought the rights to make the game into a reality TV show.

Pacman may be one of the most popular video games of all time and I know people like myself have spent the past two decades waiting for it to become a reality television show.

All I need now is for an action-thriller series based on Pong and a soap opera starring the cast of Space Invaders and I can die a happy man.

Is it just me, or are show ideas getting lazier than a jouranlist who can't think of a metaphor for laziness?

Then again, the idea of a reality show where Pacman struggles with his pill addiction, constantly chased by his personal ghosts and his recent divorce from Ms Pacman sounds like pretty riveting stuff.

It could be like 'Celebrity Rehab' meets 'Ghost Hunters'.

The truth is a little less exciting.  The show will apparently feature contestants completing obstacle courses in what has been described as 'the world's biggest game of tag on television' by the production company.

So essentially it's a game show based on a video game, yet actually calling it a 'game show' seems to be beneath them.

The video game industry actually makes more money than the movie industry, so it's easy to see the potential of other forms of entertainment based in the massive video game market.

That's why I'm sure it won't be long before we see TV shows such as:

Minesweeper: A gritty war drama set during the Vietnam War.  Think 'Band of Brothers' meets a game of sodoku.

Grand Theft Auto:  Children's show, naturally.  Think Sesame Street meets Scarface.

Doom:  Space marine murders thousands of space demons (in space).  Repeat for every episode.

Pong:  Sporting event where tennis players use giant rectangles instead of tennis rackets and may only move horizontally.  Due to budget restraints players must supply their own 'bloop' sound when hitting the ball.

Donkey Kong:  Nature documentary for the Discovery Channel.  Production shut down after several barrel-related deaths.

World of Warcraft:  Epic fantasy Lord of the Rings-style show based on the massive online RPG.  Concerned parents will be happy to hear the show contains no sex, just like World of Warcraft players in real life.

Mario:  Boy gets girl.  Girl turns out to be a princess.  Princess kidnapped by giant evil dinosaur.  Boy rescues girl from giant evil dinosaur by exploring sewage pipes and eating mushrooms.  Typical romantic comedy, really.

If not of that takes off, they could just remake Tron a few more times.

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