The Piers Gaveston ball is attended by Oxford University students and by some accounts is a hot bed of drugs and sex.
The Piers Gaveston ball is attended by Oxford University students and by some accounts is a hot bed of drugs and sex. News Corp Australia

Oxford University’s wildest student shindig

WARNING: Graphic content

A PILE of naked students writhed in an orgy as couples poured bags of drugs into each other's mouths.

Close by girls invited purely for their looks were led around a tent by nipple clamps and chains.

The scenes were witnessed by guests at the 2015 party for Britain's Oxford University's Piers Gaveston Society, reports The Sun.

The details emerged as current students descended on a venue for this year's bash.

The guests told how privileged undergraduates celebrated finishing exams at a marquee on the nearby land of a brewing family.

They were greeted by one of 12 members of the club who stood on a table in a toga.

As he spoke two minions knelt, lifted his toga and performed sex acts on him.

Minutes later the party got into full swing. A guest told The Sun: "People began having sex with complete strangers.

"It got progressively wilder, thanks to the social lubricant of alcohol and all the drugs."

Another past "Piers Gav" guest said how her memories of the annual party are tainted by the suspicion that a pal was date-raped.

The society was set up in 1977 in honour of the 1st Earl of Cornwall, thought to be a lover of King Edward II.

It gained notoriety two years ago when Lord Ashcroft made unfounded claims about former UK Prime Minister David Cameron taking part in a sex ritual with a pig's head.

The club has six "masters" each with a "minion". All 12 are given bizarre names.

They each invite 20 to 30 friends to the summer ball.

A graduate who attended two events said: "I got my invitation through a girlfriend who was dating a society member."

Sasha (not her real name) said the "stiffie", as the invite cards are known, was "grandiose with red lettering".

Attendees of the latest event head on a bus to the exclusive bash.
Attendees of the latest event head on a bus to the exclusive bash. News Corporation

"It was from Señor Dildo and very sexual. The suggestion was that only the prettiest girls in the year got an invite so, as a 21-year-old, slightly-immature girl, I felt flattered.

"But with hindsight I wouldn't have gone."

For her first party, themed on a Bacchanalian orgy, she wore a skimpy white dress.

But she explained: "When I got there I realised how much nudity there was.

"The girls were topless with nipple stickers, body paint or skin-tight body stockings.

"The boys were topless, some in tights with horse heads.

Other guests claim guards told them if anybody got dangerously drunk or overdosed they would drive them 20 minutes from the venue before calling an ambulance.

Sasha said: "There would be a chill-out tent, with sofas, and all the drinks would be free.

"Another was like a dance tent with a DJ. A drug dealer would be in a third tent.

"It made the party from the film Eyes Wide Shut look like a tea dance."

Students, in all their garb, are bussed from the city centre to the party venue.
Students, in all their garb, are bussed from the city centre to the party venue. News Corporation

The second time she wore a Garden of Eden-inspired gold miniskirt and body paint. She joined scantily-clad revellers in Oxford city centre, queuing for buses to take them to a secret location.

She said: "They do that on purpose, like a status thing, to show who has an invite.

"I had to walk past everybody in my college so they knew where I was going.

"I felt judged by some of the more conservative students because the reputation of Piers Gav was that it was extremely druggie."

Guards confiscate phones and recording gear at the venue.

Sasha said: "The second year it was by this beautiful lake. I remember being surprised that the guards just stood around in spite of the open drug use. I was in a tent with these long tables and couches.

"People were doing as much cocaine as they wanted, racking it up in lines a metre long."

"In my first year I went for a cocktail and this guy opened a gram of MDMA and put it in this jug of punch.

"The MDMA was fizzing around on the top, and when he poured my drink the whole lot went into my glass. He just smiled and gave it to me."

Sasha said she also took cocaine while others did acid.

She added: "I didn't see anything like heroin.

"Despite all that, it felt a little bit like posh Oxford students trying to be cool and edgy but not really managing to do it because, well, they were posh Oxford students."

She said: "I also stumbled into a sex tent filled with couples, threesomes and more. People were pairing off everywhere, and if one couple were making out, boys and girls would join in as they fancied.

"One girl was kneeling on a sofa on all fours, stark naked but for a tiara and pearl earrings. Boys were taking turns to play with her. She was so high I think she barely took in what was going on, and just hummed quietly to herself with glazed eyes and lips agape.

"That felt like the subtext of the whole party - to get a bunch of good-looking girls there and get them f****d up on drink and drugs for the posh blokes to have sex with them. Girls paid £50 for the invitation, which is a lot of money when you are a student, but the men had to pay a lot more."

She said: "I was with few female friends and very conscious of not wanting to be left alone. It wasn't a friendly kind of free-love vibe. There was a definite undertone of threat.

"The second year I went, a friend essentially got date-raped.

"The guy she was with gave her a ton of drugs. I saw him open her mouth wide and push MDMA into it.

"I tried to intervene and he shouted at me to 'F*** off'.

"I think if I was older I would have intervened more but I was intimidated. Then he took her into a bush and had sex with her, which she didn't really want to happen."

Sasha said partygoers were ordered back on the buses at 6am or face making their own way home.

She added: "Everybody was an absolute state. We got off the bus and had to trudge in our underwear along Oxford's main street when the joggers are out or people are heading to work.

"My friend had to do a wee outside McDonald's because it wasn't open yet.

"You really felt like a bit of a scumbag, to be honest."

This story was first published in The Sun and is reproduced with permission.

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