Fishing at Fawcett Park, Ballina.
Fishing at Fawcett Park, Ballina. Alina Rylko

Only 10 grams in it for first place in bass pro grand final

BRIAN Everingham, of Forster, won the ABT BASS Pro Grand Final last weekend at Coraki by a paltry 10g.

Delivering four fish for 3.37kg to the scales in the final Sunday session, Everingham beat former Casino local Joey Urquhart by the most slender margin to score top prize of a Bass Cat Margay boat with Mercury Pro XS 115hp outboard, Garmin electronics and MotorGuide electric motor.

Kris Hickson, of Taree, completed the NSW-origin treble in third place

Tanya Consul, of Canberra, secured the non-boater title, followed by Queenslanders Troy Lowe and Warren Howe.

It was a triumph of tin over fibreglass, with Everingham and Urquhart fishing from smaller alloy boats against a field dominated by go-fast fibreglass US bass boats.

They had to cover some miles, though, with the best fish coming from the Tatham area, skinny little Deep Creek in particular. The rain, especially on Sunday, didn't help in the comfort stakes, either.

Adrian Melchior, of Ballina, came eighth in the boater section and Brett Hyde 12th among the non-boaters.

Apparently there were some rumblings among the crowd over the way some of the competitors treated their fish during weigh-ins and photo sessions, failing to follow best-practice guidelines relating to gentle handling, body support and time out of the water.

Another wet one ...

DON'T make too many plans for the weekend, at least ones that can't be changed.

It looks like a southerly of close to 30 knots is coming through tomorrow with 3m swells, so offshore, beach and rock fishing are no-nos.

There could be a bit of colour coming down the rivers, too, so maybe the lower estuaries are the places to try.

Flathead are in spawning mode so go easy on the bigger females. Mobbs Bay is fishing well.

Mulloway off the walls should pick up a little in the rough weather.

Long swim for marlin

A JUVENILE black marlin tagged by Mooloolaba game club vessel Luna off the Sunshine Coast has been recaptured 700 nautical miles east of Hawaii by a commercial longline vessel.

The fish was tagged (as part of a triple hook-up, two black marlin and a mahimahi) in mid-January 2017 and was recaptured in mid-September.

The 25kg black marlin travelled a massive straight-line distance of 4700NM (8700km) during its 244 days at liberty, which is 19NM a day. It was estimated to be 45kg on recapture.

It is the third-longest distance travelled by a black marlin recorded under the program.

The record distance travelled by a black marlin under the NSWDPI tagging program is for another juvenile fish tagged off Cairns and recaptured off Costa Rica in the year 2000, having travelled more than 7800NM.

Call for Koori nominees

DPI FISHERIES is calling for nominations from Aboriginal people to a new committee to help assess applications for money from the Aboriginal Fishing Trust Fund, which will be operational later this year.

The fund aims to enhance, maintain and protect Aboriginal cultural fishing and support indigenous community involvement in fisheries-related businesses.

The Aboriginal Fishing Trust Expenditure Committee (AFTEC) will make the initial assessment of funding applications and the Aboriginal Fishing Advisory Council will consider their comments and make formal recommendations to the Minister.

Indigenous people with knowledge and expertise in business and economic development should consider nominating for up to six positions on AFTEC.

See aboriginal-fishing/AFTF, email or call 02 4424 7400.

Expressions of interest will close on November 1.

Interlock drink driving laws expanded

Interlock drink driving laws expanded

The laws were expanded earlier this month.

80,000 lights: The true spirit of Christmas lives in Ballina

80,000 lights: The true spirit of Christmas lives in Ballina

It's a bittersweet year for Ballina's most popular Santa

Scary number of drivers falling asleep while driving

Scary number of drivers falling asleep while driving

Staggering number of NSW drivers have nodded off behind the wheel.

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