Allan Reinikka

Oi! What part of 80kmh don't you get?

I DON'T normally like riddles but here's one that is so easy to answer than any drongo driver will get it right.

When does 80kmh mean do 100kmh or more?

Answer: When going through any of the roadwork zones between the Sunny Coast and Brisbane.

I drive this section of road several times a week and without fail I feel like those 80kmh signs are invisible to just about everyone but me.

I have been nearly rammed as I slow down to the required speed, I have been glared at by drivers as they speed past me and I've been tailgated as the car behind is forced to slow down because the right hand lane is full of speeding cars.

Yesterday was no exception. Among the speeding cars was an older gent looking resplendent in his suit and tie and new model BMW. He was followed by a mum with a car load of kids in her dusty Pajero and then there was the company vehicle driven by a bloke in a hi-vis vest and towing a trailer loaded with ladders and other construction equipment.

Admittedly a few other drivers were with me, slowing down to the 80kmh limit as we drove through the construction zones. Interestingly as I came into the coast the Pajero and the tradie's ute were in the lane beside me so their failure to slow down for just a minute or two didn't really achieve much. 

And while some will complain that there were no workers at any of these sites I really don't care about that.  I've read and understood the explanation that the roadsides have been compromised by the equipment on site and the actual work being carried out. And with big, solid concrete barriers just centimetres away from my car I'm happy to slow down a bit.

What really annoys me is that by doing the right thing I feel like I am more vulnerable than ever to becoming a victim of someone else's stupidity.

Whether we agree with the reduced limit or not is not even an issue. There are lots of rules that I don't personally agree with but that is irrelevant. As a responsible road user I agree to follow the rules of the road for my own safety and that of other road users.

Some will say it is a long bow to draw but as a parent of impressionable young people I strongly believe this attitude of picking and choosing which rules we follow is part of the general decay in standards.

How do we expect our kids to do the right thing if they see us and everyone else ignoring the most basic rules of the road?

I would be very happy for police to set up permanent and fixed cameras at all road works. Imagine the money they would rake in and those who flout the law would actually have to pay a price for their irresponsible attitude.

Obviously the police are aware of the issue because the other day an officer was operating a radar at the Roy's Road work site. I was so happy to see him there I gave him a wave and the thumbs up as I drove past.  

Unfortunately all the drivers around me that day were doing the right thing because some "considerate" soul on the other side of the road had flashed his lights to warn us.

On another occasion I saw a roadside radar set up at the works near the Ettamogah Pub … I wonder how many they caught on camera before another considerate motorist decided to warn them.

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