Bikie's nude arrest

A BANDIDOS bikie gang identity has told a magistrate of the “humiliation” of being handcuffed while in the nude by detectives who raided the club's Warwick hangout earlier this year.

Darrell Vincent Cross pleaded guilty yesterday to possession of amphetamines and assaulting and obstructing police, stemming from the swoop on 177 Grafton Street on February 26.

He also pleaded guilty to obstructing police during a massive late-night street brawl in a Warwick CBD car park on March 7.

Due to his last drug conviction being in 1992, Cross was yesterday ordered by Acting Magistrate Stark to complete a drug diversion course and was fined $650.

Further charges against Cross - who is aged 47 - involving his alleged attempt to run over a police officer with his Harley Davidson in Brisbane in April are due to be dealt with in the Brisbane District Court on a date still to be set.

Reading from a prepared statement yesterday a be-spectacled Cross, who represented himself, told the court he had been having sex with his girlfriend after an all-night drinking session when police entered the residence about 8am.

He said he “jumped off the bed in a very confused state” and found himself “confronted by a group of armed people not in uniform who were pointing pistols at me”.

“I admit that I was heavily intoxicated at the time and I confronted my attackers as they came towards me,” the heavily-tattooed Cross stated.

“I was naked, I felt totally humiliated and confused and I thought I was going to be shot.

“It was the indignity of being interrupted during sexual intercourse, but I accept that I reacted poorly to the situation.”

The police prosecutor told the court Cross had become “immediately aggressive” and abusive towards the police officers upon their entering the house.

He proceeded to unleash a string of unprintable profanities towards them and refused to comply with a direction to cover his tattooed genitalia and move outside the premises to the backyard so a police drug dog could be brought in.

“He was asked to cover himself with a blanket and refused to do so, thrusting his genitals in the direction of police,” the prosecutor said.

“A naked female in the room was also directed to cover herself up but the defendant (Cross) told her to remain naked.”

Cross was then wrestled to the ground, handcuffed and placed in a lounge chair, where he attempted to kick one of the officers in the head, shouting “I'd p-s on your brain if you had one”.

He told the court he was “a large bloke” and the handcuffing had been “extremely uncomfortable”, resulting in regular physiotherapy treatment to his shoulder.

Cross was later physically removed from the premises so a proper search could be conducted.

He accepted that .313 grams of amphetamine in powdered form later found in two clip seal bags in a nearby cupboard was his.

The court then heard a drunken Cross had to be subdued with capsicum spray during the CBD brawl which took place on March 7.

The action was taken by a female officer when Cross advanced towards a man with a raised fist and screaming obscenities, ignoring the officer's direction to back off.

Cross told the court he accepted the female officer had “every right” to spray him but that he had been concerned for one of his sons who had been involved in the fight and had been arrested.

He stated the man he threatened was the instigator of the melee who had “started shaping up to me”.

Cross described himself in court yesterday as a part-Aboriginal disability pensioner who had suffered several heart attacks and that he was “not the healthiest bloke in Australia”.

He said he had limited ability to perform community service if directed by the court to do so.

“You, sir, need to able to act more maturely in the future,” Mr Stark told Cross in sentencing him.

“Your behaviour (during the February raid) was indeed poor.

“It may have been an inopportune time for yourself but you were required to comply with all of the police directions.

“Had you in fact kicked the officer in the head you would have received a very different penalty to the one you have been given here today.”

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