Maca Castle's solar car refuelling station

NSW's first public solar car charging station at Maca Castle

THE Macadamia Castle has unveiled NSW's first public charging station for electric cars as part of a huge solar installation that will provide half the facility's electricity.

The solar structure provides some much-needed shade in the popular park's carpark and helps free the park from some of the burden of its enormous power bill while encouraging the use of electric vehicles.

"You could say this is a first step in making it possible to drive a solar-powered electric car up and down our coast from Brisbane to Adelaide," Mr Gilding said in a statement.

"I want this launch to inspire people so that we start seeing these amazing and practical structures in our local shopping centres and next to our roads, powering our businesses and our vehicles."

The project was partially financed by Ocean Shores electric vehicle owner Robert Rosen and investor Vicki Brooke.

"I'm passionate about increasing the uptake of solar in our region and I'd rather use my super to invest in renewables than anything else," Ms Brooke said.

"The financial return is also better."

Mr Gilding said the new recharging station, solar facility and car park shading pointed to the future of solar power in Australia.

"This fast forwards the likelihood of a future in which businesses and individuals have their own car shade with electric cars serving as an effective battery bank to store excess electricity and utilise a portion of that power," he said.

"It offers the exciting prospect for a smarter power grid of the future."

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