NSW Gov takes no CSG advice from scientists set up to advise

THE New South Wales Government has not yet requested advice on coal seam gas or coal mines from a national scientific committee created specifically to provide such information.

Officially created in late 2012, the independent expert scientific committee on CSG and large coal mining has not taken any requests from the state on any of the 14 projects it has assessed.

The committee has the specific role of providing advice on CSG and large coal mine's potential effects on water resources to state governments and the Commonwealth.

While state governments are not required by law to request or act on the committee's advice, both the Commonwealth and Queensland governments have requested the committee's advice for numerous projects.

But a report on its first year of operation, published on the federal Environment Department's website, revealed the committee's advice on 14 projects in NSW was not requested by the state government.

While an assessment of the regulation of CSG is currently underway by the NSW Chief Scientist, questions to the state government regarding the lack of requests for advice went unanswered on Thursday.

Among the projects that were assessed by the committee were new coal mines or extensions including Maules Creek, Boggabri, Tarrawonga, Mt Penny, Moolarben, Wallarah 2 and Cobbora.

The committee has also assessed some CSG projects across the state expected to have potential impacts on water resources, including the AGL Gloucester project.

Response was sought from the NSW Government.

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