Sunshine Coast food lovers can breathe a sigh of relief
Sunshine Coast food lovers can breathe a sigh of relief

Zero food-health fines issued after Coast-wide audit

AFTER more than 1000 inspections of restaurants, cafes and mobile food venues Sunshine Coast business owners have come up clean as a whistle.

After dozens of Brisbane restaurants were revealed to be dirty, rat-infested and unsanitary earlier, the Daily contacted the Sunshine Coast and Noosa Councils to see how our venues rated.

In the 12 months up to April, there were no fines across the Coast, but several warnings were issued.

Sunshine Coast Council's environmental health officers have audited all of the 1775 fixed, 91 mobile and 158 temporary food business premises throughout the region to ensure compliance with the Food Act 2006 and the Food Standards Code.

No fines were issued in the past 12 months but 79 improvement notices were served for contraventions to the food safety standards, four businesses had their food licences revoked and legal proceedings are currently being instigated against another food business for unhygienic conditions.

Noosa Council inspects food businesses annually at a minimum.

Most notices served related to minor infringements.

The council conducts follow-up inspections to ensure corrective action is undertaken..

No fines have been imposed on Noosa food establishments in the past year.

Due to confidentiality obligations under the Food Act 2006 the councils cannot release restaurant names.

Sunshine Coast Council offers free online and regular face-to-face training courses to assist in the compliance of quality, hygiene and food safety for their customers.

The council has also recently introduced a new electronic food safety inspection program to standardise enforcement and action, ensure regional consistency and increase efficiency.

Noosa Council provides new food proprietors and their staff with free food-hygiene training, and existing food proprietors can also participate in the free refresher training.

The council's staff also conduct food hygiene training.

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