Should jet skis be banned in Ballina Shire waterways?
Should jet skis be banned in Ballina Shire waterways?

'No way' to jet ski ban: Outrage over resident's letter

READERS of The Northern Star have flared up in response to a letter from an East Ballina resident calling for an end to 'jet ski hoons' in the area.

Tobin Saunders said that most weekends he was disturbed at home by the noise of jet skis revving up over 1km away as groups of people on jet skis took to the waters in a dangerous manner.

He called for a ban on jet skis in Ballina Shire waterways.

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On The Northern Star's Facebook page, opinions were divided.

Some were angered by Mr Saunder's call for a ban.

"There are speed limits, noise levels and waterway rules to abide to, so the answer would be no they are entitled to use the waterway like everybody else," Graham Hardy said.

"PWC riders pay more rego and license fees per year than you would for a car, if they aren't breaking the rules what's the issue? If they are breaking rules, authorities should deal with how they see fit. Its people like you who are slowly destroying this country! Things that once were a part of our freedom and liberties of this country have gradually been taken away from us and sold back to us at a cost, and for what?" Luke Andrews said.

Should jet skis be banned in Ballina Shire waterways?

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"No definitely should not be banned. It's frustrating when a handful of idiots have to spoil it for other responsible users. The majority of users do go out there and are responsible, safe and aware of their surroundings. Perhaps more policing of our local waterways would help and provide a safe environment for ALL recreational watercraft," Karen Webber said.

"No way. There's plenty of restrictions already on them. Why spoil the fun for everyone just because of a few rogue operators?" Mark Paisley said.

"No way! How ridiculous! There is so many people who ride ski's and do the right thing, only punish those who do the wrong!" Sheree Hyslop said.

"Mate I'll free willy mine over North Wall give them something to complain about," Grant Knight said.

However others did agree with some of Mr Saunders' sentiments.

"Get rid of them I say! Nothing but a nuisance. Jet ski riders are the hoons of our water ways. They should be illegal, the inconvenience they prolong is insufferable," Jack Bungate said.

"Yes! If they break the speed limit set for the part of the river in which they are operating they need to be fined," Lester Sillett said.

"Should be controlled definitely. Evans Head on Sunday was full of them and there was a mother dolphin and her baby in the Marina at the fish co-op trying to get out which would have been stressful for the animals," Michael Kuebler said.

"They have to have somewhere to play, speed limits, noise levels, waterway rules, and perhaps time restrictions, 9 am to 4pm or something - I guess no-one wants to wake up at 6 am to a jet ski, just as they do not want to wake up to a leaf blower or a lawnmower at 6am, especially on a weekend? Just a thought," Andy Hart said.

"Yeah well they need to be banned from rivers as they are a pain in the Evans Head River they speed past boats who are fishing in the river half the time you could all most touch them that's how close they get to you. I've had plenty of fishing times up the river spoilt by stupid jet skiers," Bree Hancock said.

"Should be better policing of them as some are outright idiots. Most are fairly good," Tony Den said.

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