New uni degree links law, property

THE University of the Sunshine Coast will be the sec-ond university in Australia to offer a double degree in law and property economics and development.

Australian property law expert Pamela O'Connor has joined USC for the introduction of the double degree next year.

"The idea was developed not by the School of Law, but by the School of Business," Professor O'Connor said.

"This degree is allowing students who wish to specialise in built environments, property management and real estate transactions to combine legal knowledge with what we already offer in the property management course," she said.

"What we've done is combine the Bachelor of Property Economics and Development with a law degree."

Students will have the opportunity to choose electives that will complement their study.

The double degree is expected to be popular, given the importance of property development on the Sunshine Coast.

"Property development and management are important along the coast, and as the population grows, property is a major focus of interest for student, graduates and the community," Prof O'Connor said.

"They go on to be evaluators, property assets managers and facility managers, and leasing professionals."


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