Neighbour's shocking 'aggressive' note about door

A woman has received a confrontational note from her neighbour after a door in her home slammed in the middle of the day.

The woman, who lives in an inner west suburb of Perth, said the "aggressive" note came from a man who lives four apartments away from her.

"Aggressive," she wrote, sharing a photo of the note to a Perth Facebook group. "Is this an aesthetic or harassment? (This really happened) note left on my door mat."

The woman said the man had heard a door slam in her apartment at 12.15pm on a Sunday.

"I asked my neighbours either side of me if they can hear my door they both said they hear nothing. Yet this crazy man has chosen to accuse me."

"This dude has yelled at me before for this a couple of months ago… this is the first note," she wrote in a comment. "My flat is 4 flats away from his how does he even know it's me?"

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook

Another woman commenting on the post who lived in the same suburb said she received similar notes from her neighbour.

She said she "got a similar typed aggressive note from this guy on the level below me 2 doors down that was clearly meant for next door except next door is an Airbnb".

"Omg I think that's him," the woman wrote, saying she believed the sender had the same name.

Commenters on the post had suggestions on how to deal with the aggressive neighbour.

"Just don't slam it," one commenter said.

"I never slam…it's the way of the door… but I will make a concentrated effort for it not to happen anymore," the woman wrote.

Others suggested she approach the note writer directly.

Picture: Facebook
Picture: Facebook

"Talk to the noter directly and ask them to message you next time it happens so you know if it's you and if they actually care enough to politely message you on a channel you have chosen," one man suggested.

But some disagreed.

"I don't think it would be a good idea to give someone like this a way to contact her," one woman wrote.

"Time to invest in and learn how to play the drums," one man joked, followed by the winking emoji.

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