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Naomi Campbell will use hypnosis to quit smoking

NAOMI Campbell wants to be hypnotised to stop smoking.

The 46-year-old supermodel is facing her hardest challenge in 2017 by keeping her New Year's Resolution to stub out the cigarettes for good.

The 'Empire' star has ditched many of her vices, including alcohol, but she is finding it hard to quit smoking and after trying nicotine patches and other treatments she is going to give hypnotherapy another try.

Speaking on US panel chat show 'The View', she said: "I still have a problem with smoking. You always want to better yourself and try to learn from your mistakes and I think to get mature and older and do the best I can and how I can ... (I smoke) less but it's the hardest one so I'm going back to the hypnotist. It's not about replacing it with one of those other things, it's just you must stop. No gum."

'The View' panellist Whoopi Goldberg told Naomi that she managed to kick her own 40-year smoking habit after being inspired by two sick kids.

Whoopi said: "Two kids I saw in a video who have cystic fibrosis, two children who can't breathe and the last thing this little boy said in this video I saw was, 'All I wanna do is breathe like a normal person.' And when I heard him say that he was nine at the time but I've spent 40 years smoking and all this little boy wants to do is take a deep breath without fear, so that did it for me."

"Every time you go to take (a drag) realise that there are people who can't."

After listening intently to Whoopi, Naomi replied: "Actually there is someone in my life that went through something similar quite recently too so I know exactly what you mean."

The catwalk queen also revealed that she has a clear out of her personal things throughout each year and is planning to sell her unwanted clothes through charity pop up stores.

She said: "I want to do a pop up store in New York, I mostly do them in London with Westfields, but I want to do them in New York because I've got storage of clothes from 1986 and I just want to go through the ones that are really special, like the ones Johnny gave me, keep them for exhibition purposes and then I'm going to do a pop up store to give to charity obviously.

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