Mystery behind why Fast & Furious 6 is so 'fresh'

A scene from the movie Fast & Furious 6.
A scene from the movie Fast & Furious 6. Contributed - UPI Media website

JUST how good can the sixth episode of a blockbuster series once described as "Rebel Without a Cause without a cause" really be?

Bloody brilliant, according to Rotten Tomatoes, the reviews site.

Fast & Furious 6, released on Friday, had a score of 98 per cent (all reviews carried a "fresh" tomato symbol rather than the rotten green one hurled at bad films).

Has Vin Diesel, the film's star, driven the £1bn (so far) franchise about street racers to new critical heights, or is a conspiracy at play?

Neither, sadly - the truth is more boring.

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Rotten Tomatoes collects reviews and decides whether each is "fresh" or "rotten".

A 100 per cent accumulated score need not reflect five-star reviews. Indeed, many contain negative criticism, as the following experiment in "reverse movie postering" will show.

"The soapier elements of the script drag it down" - Total Film, three stars.

"Objectively terrible" - Empire, three stars.

"Ridiculous" - The Hollywood Reporter.

Not so fresh, and the site doesn't yet feature the film's newspaper reviews. Our critic Anthony Quinn has his say on Friday. I email him for a tip.

He hasn't written it yet, but says: "One star is guaranteed - it's utter cack." Enjoy those tomatoes while you can, Vin.

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