My love affair with fresh eggs

DESPITE living in the country when I was growing up, I was what was known as a townie.

We lived on a standard block a few minute's walk into the town centre. But just over the railway there was a property with cattle, working dogs, horses and of course chooks.

After school I would regularly walk through the paddocks avoiding the cows and the electric fence to my friend's house. I loved going down to feed the horses of an evening and of course, collecting the eggs from the hen house.

I loved it so much I was really excited when my father announced he was going to get us some laying hens. We built the chook yard and with much delight the beautiful red hens turned up a few days later.

Not one to do things by halves dad had ordered 16 prize winning hens from his friend. For the first six months it was great. We would let them out of an afternoon to run around, feed them, check the water and collect the eggs.

The my little dog Butchie and I would round them up, herding them back into their yard.

Well we got over the chooks pretty quickly - 16 can make a pretty hefty mess - and within about a year they were gone.

While the chickens didn't last, my love of good fresh eggs has and I use eggs like they are going out of fashion.

But I have never really been into making the extremely eggy dish of frittata - that is until my recent health kick (still going strong).

I have found a quick egg white frittata with a few veggies - whatever is in the fridge - and a little cheese is a really quick, easy and healthy lunch and dinner.

This sweet potato frittata isn't one of my thrown together health kicks types as you will see by the addition of a little butter and the inclusion of the egg yolks.

If you are not keen on the chevre - soft goats cheese - you can use feta or even grated tasty instead.

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