The Muslim women that was abused and spat on in Murwillumbah. Photo: Blainey Woodham
The Muslim women that was abused and spat on in Murwillumbah. Photo: Blainey Woodham Blainey Woodham

Muslim woman spat on, verbally abused at service station

A WOMAN said she was terrified after she was spat on and called a terrorist at a Murwillumbah service station this week.

The practicing Muslim, who requested to remain anonymous, said she was fuelling her car up when a hostile man pulled up and began to scream abuse at her on Wednesday.

"A man got out (of the car) ... He came towards the bowser and I wasn't sure if he was going to head butt me or punch me, or pour petrol on me and light me up," she said.

"But I knew there was going to be trouble."

She said the man approached her and started to call her a "terrorist" and told her to "go back to where you f***ing came from."

The Tweed Coast resident couldn't believe the man was treating her in such a way and believed it was because she was wearing a traditional Islamic face cover known as a niqab.

"(He was )calling me a terrorist when he was terrorising me," she recalled.

"Calling me oppressed yet he was oppressing me."

"He was loud and he was screeching."

While the woman was finishing up at the bowser, she said the man leant over and she feared for her safety.

"He lunged towards me and I didn't know whether he was going to hammer me or what he was going to do," she said.

"He spat straight at my face."

The man's spit landed just below the woman's face.

"I told the man I am Australian and I live here," she said.

"I was crying my face off."

A call was placed to 000 by the woman.

She said a Murwillumbah policeman called her back and told her he was embarrassed that this had happened and hoped they would be able to track the man down using CCTV footage as well as a licence plate number.

Tweed-Byron Local Area Command duty officer Inspector Darren Steele said police had a report of the incident.

"The woman declined to provide a statement and are unable to proceed at this stage," he said yesterday.

The woman said she was told police would start the process and she would be able to give a statement at a later date because she was so "shook up" at the time.

She will provide a statement to police in the coming days and hopes the man will have his day in court.

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