Mum's warning after her baby almost died from a bed fall

WHEN you're in the fog that is the baby daze, it seems like there is a never ending stream of information, advice and warnings being thrown at you from all directions.

Don't do this, definitely, do that and never, ever do x, y or z if you want to be considered a good mum.

It can be hard to separate the important information from the noise and even then, we can forget why some advice is so important.

Take beds and babies - I knew that mobile babies shouldn't be left on beds because of the risk of falling, but still, when my daughter was four-months-old she was sitting with me on the bed, I turned away for just a moment and thud. It's an experience many mothers have had, just a momentary lapse of judgement, and luckily, in my case, she was just fine, but it doesn't always work out that well.

Paige Ferguson, a mum from Arkansas in the US, wasn't as lucky, and she's sharing her son's story to remind other parents that the danger of babies and beds is real and every head injury should be taken seriously.

Paige told her story about her son Colton on Facebook, in a post that has been shared more than 18,000 times.

Her baby son Colton had been left on their queen-sized bed, surrounded by pillows to keep him safe, then his mum heard a thud.

"This started from him falling from a bed that is only 2ft off the ground. He had a bump on his head. A bump. He was crying, acting alert and at one point even smiled," she wrote.

Paige had always thought that a bump that sticks out is usually fine, and a bump that goes inward is a sign of something serious, but the parents erred on the side of caution and took him to get evaluated, they thought they'd get told it was just a little bump and to take him back home...

"Not the case... He fractured his skull and bled half of his entire blood volume into his brain," she explained.

Colton's injuries were so severe that he was flown in a helicopter to Memphis.

'I knew something was wrong when I kept asking if he was going to be OK and everyone kept replying with "We will do what we can,"' Paige told Babble. 'No one would simply say yes.'

Paige finished her post with the heartbreaking current reality the family were facing.

"I'm going to be blunt here...Colton may not live. Colton may live and never walk or talk, Colton may be fine, Colton may be delayed."

Cdoctor's now seven months old, and despite the doctor's concerns that he might not survive the fall, he is making great strides. First, he began breathing on his own, then slowly he regained more of his senses. While Paige is not sure right now exactly how Colton's injury will affect him in the future, for now, they are just deeply grateful that their precious boy is still with them.

This article originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished here with permission.

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