Movie review: Star Trek Into Darkness

Zachary Quinto, left, and Chris Pine in a scene from the movie Star Trek Into Darkness.
Zachary Quinto, left, and Chris Pine in a scene from the movie Star Trek Into Darkness. Zade Rosenthal - Contributed by

J.J. Abrams deserves to be applauded.

Once the domain of sci-fi nerds, Star Trek was often used a movie cliché or punch line where a nerd was involved, but Abrams reboot of the seminal '60s TV show took it from its niche fan base and brought it to the masses.

Star Trek is officially no longer for nerds.

His first voyage on the USS Enterprise along with a well chose cast upped the energy, action and spectacle and yet managed to still maintain the spirit and core premise of the original.

His second voyage, Into Darkness is created along the same principles but this time everything has been amplified.

It is a film of breathtakingly enjoyable action with gloriously cheeky and well placed set-pieces and a pace that hurtles along at warp speed.

This time around the film centres on the renegade terrorist John Harrison (Benedict Cumberbatch) who after a brutal attack on the Federation flees to the Klingon domain leaving Kirk and crew to relentlessly pursue him.

Cumberbatch may be slickly dressed and wouldn't look out of place on a Myer catwalk but he simmers with a powerful and vicious evil.

He is ambiguous and chilling and plays the role with a cold detachment. It is a powerhouse performance and puts many movie villains to shame.

Into Darkness is also a tale of bromance between Spock and Kirk as they solidify their famous friendship which plays out nicely amongst the action.

The only real failing of the film is while almost every character gets their moment; Alice Eve is wasted.

It seems her only purpose is as a visual aid and exists primarily to get her gear off. A little more a story arc for her would have been nice.

But it's a small quibble overall in what is a brilliant blockbuster.

Next up Abrams is tackling the Star Wars universe and if Into Darkness is anything to go by than the Force is in safe hands.

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Star Trek Into Darkness

  • Stars: Chris Pine, Zachary Quinto, Bendict Cumberbatch, Zoe Saldana
  • Director: J.J. Abrams
  • Rated: M
  • Verdict: Four stars

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