Mother's day activities for families

FINDING the time for a family to have fun together isn’t always easy because tasks like paying the bills, attending work, cleaning the house and doing homework get in the way.

Mother’s Day is an opportunity to take a break from your daily routine, spend time together as a family and celebrate how special mum is.

As Doctor Seuss says: "If you never did you should. These things are fun and fun is good!"

The single biggest thing a family can do for one another is spend time together, explains Family Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) executive director Samantha Page.  

FRSA has three tips to create a stronger family, all of which revolve around spending time together. They are: - spend time together sharing activities and having fun; establish routines that support spending time together; and encourage good communication between family members, listen to each other and respect differences.

“Spending time together helps develop memories and rituals that build a positive sense of childhood and family connection. That is why it is so important to take time out from demands and celebrate days like Mother’s Day by just having fun,” Page says.

There are “endless shades and limitless ways” of having fun, writes Myfanwy Jones in her latest book Parlour Games for Modern Families.  

“All good fun has the power to bring you into the present moment, to make you feel happy deep inside, and connect you to yourself and those around you.”

Everyone knows spending time with mum on Mother’s Day is a pleasure and not a chore.  Here are some Mother's Day activity ideas...

Go on an adventure

The adventure could be as simple as a picnic in the backyard; a day at the beach; feeding ducks in a pond or visiting a national park. What does mum love to do? Plan something you know she will love and get the whole family involved. A day outing can be as good as a holiday. If you want to make a weekend of it, why not book a mystery hotel room so everyone gets a surprise?

Take a trip down memory lane

Dig out the old family photos and videos because it's time to reminisce in good times past. Take turns sharing your favourite family moments or asking each other questions. You could even search your family history together. The Australian Government has a web page dedicated to tracing your family history.

Play games

Switch off the television, turn off your mobile phone and wipe away the dust from the games cupboard. Plato says you can “discover more about a person in an hour of play than in a year of conversation”. See if he’s right by discovering something new about your mum while having fun at the same time. If you don't have any games then make one. Parlour Games for the Modern Family has a myriad of games for all age groups using materials from around the home.

Arrange a get-together

You don’t have to plan a Mother’s Day party alone. Organise a high tea with cousins or children of your mum’s friends and don’t forget to invite grandma. Getting together with extended family and friends is a great way to build and share memories and swap tales of motherhood, says Family Relationship Services Australia (FRSA) executive director Samantha Page. Get ideas for your high tea.

Let mum relax

Take command of the cooking and chores and let mum relax. Hire mum’s favourite movies, run her a bath or tell her to stay in bed while you take charge of the cleaning and cooking. The traditional Mother’s Day breakfast in bed is a great way to start the day and guaranteed to get you brownie points. Our Mother's Day breakfast in bed recipes will help you wow mum with your cooking skills.

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