BRAVE MOTHER: Lowanna’s Lisa Hall with her two children Alyah and Kyel Monro was shocked to receive an Australian Bravey Medal today.
BRAVE MOTHER: Lowanna’s Lisa Hall with her two children Alyah and Kyel Monro was shocked to receive an Australian Bravey Medal today.

Mother-of-two who stood up to gunman earns Bravery Award

LYING beside her seriously injured brother in the dark, Lisa Hall thought they would be shot as an armed man brandishing a pistol shone a torch in their direction.

At that very moment, the mother-of-two from Lowanna said her mobile phone rang giving away their location.

It was the police on the line.

Officers were calling to find out if the perpetrator of the violent home invasion was still armed and whether her brother was still conscious and breathing.

"I saw the car headlights. They had come back," Lisa said.

"Then there was a torchlight shone on us.

As she yelled to the police for help over the phone the armed offender and an accomplice fled bringing the harrowing ordeal that left her brother with a broken neck to an end.

It was the night of November 19, 2006.

For her courageous efforts in protecting her brother, Ms Hall has today been bestowed with an Australian Bravery Medal, one of the many recipients across the country.

Six years since that fateful night and the family is happy to have moved on from the dramatic ordeal.

Her brother Terrence James Shorter, who lived just doors down from her own house, had become the target of a drug and alcohol-fuelled attacker.

"I went down to TJ's as I heard hysterical shouting," Ms Hall said.

"TJ said 'go home, he's on speed and dangerous.'

"He then got TJ in a headlock, dragging him backwards then lifting him up by the neck until he went limp.

"I screamed to let him go, picked up a piece of aluminum and threatened him with it . . . (he) then threw TJ down on the ground - I thought he was dead."

As the offender went to his vehicle, Ms Hall seized the opportunity to help TJ and ring police.

Hiding from the attacker and his accomplice they waited for help to arrive, scared stiff by the sound of gun shots.

Placing her own life at risk, Ms Hall protected her brother from harm and relayed valuable information to police, the bravery decorations council was told.

The man, later convicted of the offence, Rodney James Mullins was charged by Coffs Harbour detectives with maliciously inflicting grievous bodily harm and was jailed.

Terence James Shorter is now an invalid pensioner as a direct result of the assault and was compensated as a victim of crime.

He and two neighbours jointly nominated Ms Hall for the Bravery decoration.

"I would like to thank Ken Turner, Jack Blissett and Terry for the nomination," Ms Hall said.

"I had no idea this had been put forward.

"Sadly Jack died a few years ago and went to his grave without knowing the outcome," she said.

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