Yep, they're here: the top Australian baby names of 2019.
Yep, they're here: the top Australian baby names of 2019.

The most popular Aussie baby names of 2019 revealed

There are bogan name lists and royal name lists, lists of names inspired by nature and lists of the weird names famous people give their kids (Psalm anyone?).

But this is the baby name list to end all baby name lists (at least for the next few months): Yep, they're here: the top Australian baby names of 2019.

The results are in, and while anyone with kids at childcare won't be surprised to know there will continue to be generations of Islas, Charlottes, and Noahs, some wildcards have made their way into the top 100.

As in past years, the girls have been restless, shuffling who gets the top spot from year to year. In 2018, Ava was number one. This year Amelia knocked Ava from her throne, moving two spots from third place in 2018.

Mia dropped out of the top five, and Harper lost her number 10 spot, making way for Zoe. Close to the bottom of the list in 2018, Adeline and Tahlia dropped completely out of the top 100. So if you prefer a less popular name, they're both up for grabs.

Ella climbed six spots to number 14 but Ariana and Kiara were the biggest climbers, moving up 24 and 32 spots respectively.

On the losing end of the spectrum, Grace slipped 11 places, Indiana dropped 30 spots and Alexis dropped 38 places and almost off the list.

There were a few interesting newbies on the girls' list this year, like Remi, Eden, Everly and Nora.

"This year's list reflects how fickle Australian parents can be in their choices," the website said.

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Big dramas on the boys' list
Within the top 10, the boys' list has remained steady over the years. Oliver has won the top spot for the eighth year in a row. Noah, Leo, and Jack have shuffled a bit, but stayed within the top 10, along with Charlie and Thomas.

"Outside the top 10 is where the biggest dramas unfolded," according to Baby Centre. "After sliding for several years, Michael rose a stellar 40 places to number 56.

"Last year's newcomers Arthur and Ezra also made impressive gains, as did Louis, thanks to the prince's birth last year."

A series of interesting, but not-too-different newcomers made the 2019 list, including Miles, Mateo, River, Leon and Kobe.

And some familiar names have re-emerged on the top 100, like Hamish, Owen, Phoenix and Alex.

"There was even more upheaval in the charts as last year's debutants Braxton and Alfie crashed out of the top 100.

"Zachary, Joseph, Adam, Dylan, Daniel and Ryder slid all the way out of the chart, and Nathan, Jake, Nicholas, Billy and Reuben yo-yoed out."

Go to Baby Centre for the full lists of names for boys and girls.

This originally appeared on Kidspot and has been republished with permission.

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