More than 80 people killed in twin bomb blasts in Baghdad

TWIN bomb blasts in a Baghdad market have reportedly killed at least 75 people with some counts putting the death toll at at least 83 people.

Baghdad police officers told media the death toll, earlier believed to be about 23, now sat at more than 80. 

One blast was a car bomb set off in Karada (also known as Karrada), killing dozens and injuring at least 160 people, officials told media. 

A second blast from an improvised explosive device went off a short time later an al-Shaab and killed at least five people. 

Iraq's Prime Minister Haider Al-Abadi visited the scene of the blast hours after it occured.

One Iraq-based journalist reported his convoy was pettled with stones by civilians angry at the regular bomb blasts and attacks from ISIS. 

The car bomb alone killed at least 78 people, the Guardian reported, and was a deliberate targeting of Shia Muslims by the Sunni terrorist group.

The attacks came just one week after the Iraqi government reclaimed the city of Falluja from ISIS. 

The car bomb, the most deadly of the two blasts, targeted a popular market after dusk during Ramadan, when more people were likely to be out and shopping. 

There is still one week to go in the month-long event, when people of Muslim faith do not eat or drink from dawn to dusk. 

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