Dangerous Driving
Dangerous Driving

Monkey see, monkey really does do

Our two youngest boys are keen observers. Equally, they're even more keen to mimic behaviours they see from my husband and me.

As toddlers, they followed my husband around like ducklings, pushing their toy mowers while he mowed the lawn. Years later, they now find fun in imitating my apparently diva-style walk, with hands on their overly exaggerated hip shakes followed by dramatic hair flicks.

It's all in good humour, but it got me seriously thinking. What else are they observing now that they might repeat later?

A recent RACQ survey of learner drivers revealed more than 72 per cent who reported seeing their parents speed, admitted to speeding themselves when it was their turn to get behind the wheel.

It's a harsh reality but it serves as an important reminder that 'monkey see, monkey do' really is true. We all need to be aware of how we behave and ensure we're leading by example, especially when it comes to what we're doing behind the wheel.

When my boys grow up and become drivers themselves, I hope they'll mimic the safe habits, rule following attitude and courteous nature I try to exhibit on the road.

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